Suits season 6, episode 16 (finale) review: Is Mike Ross now a lawyer, and who’s back?

Is Mike Ross a lawyer -At the center of the Suits season 6 finale on Wednesday night, there was one central question: Is Mike Ross a lawyer? Let’s just say that this was a decision that required turning over every stone, and potentially dealing with every known consequence under the sun … even if they were drastic.

Oh, and there was another question: How much has Mike Ross changed since the beginning of the show? He did still lie, but at the same time, he came clean about his lies a little bit faster. He admitted to some of them to Oliver, and then again to Nathan. He put his job on the clinic on the line, and he almost lost it. He was lucky that he still had it, and he knew it given that he put so much into passing the Bar that he could have easily paid the ultimate price as a result of it.

The biggest problem that he faced with the Bar itself was simple: Anita Gibbs. She had no intention of a “yes” vote, and despite whatever trick Mike and Harvey tried to pull, they couldn’t find a way to ensure that Mike got in. The only thing that she offered was for Harvey to give himself up so that Mike could get in. That is just a revolving door, and it’s not what Mike wanted.

The twist ending came in the closing minutes, as it was none other than JESSICA PEARSON who returned to the show in order to deliver a hammer at Mike’s hearing, one where she pleaded with Anita Gibbs to show some compassion, given that she had done so in the past. Jessica also didn’t care about getting disbarred in New York, given that she was in Chicago.

In the end, Jessica’s plan worked! Mike is now a lawyer, and he can now prepare for a future that he didn’t have previously. Harvey made him another offer to come to Pearson Specter Litt, one that allows him to do some of the good that he wants while still working with the firm. Mi,e in turn, told Harvey to be managing partner.

The downfall of the Donna?

We really wanted to see some patent attorneys get LITT UP after Louis sat down with them to discuss a possible competition issue with the Donna. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen. What we saw instead was eventually Louis and the team getting an offer to potentially buy The Donna from them, though they could keep the property for in-house use. They were for it, but Donna had to think about it. She reiterated to Harvey that she didn’t think that she could do it. She did, but she doesn’t feel fulfilled.

In other Louis news…

He awaited a voice message that would determine whether or not Tara would stay with him, and after hearing it, the heartbreak settled in. He thought he had everything, and then he ended the finale with nothing. His decision to leverage Mike’s lie for power came back to bite him.


Suits has a history of changing the game in their finales, and this once again proved that and then some. There was drama, big moments, a little bit of romance, and more. This was a great way to end the season — now, we’re stuck with a brutal cliffhanger.

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