Beyond The Fall: How Jamie Dornan could shine on other shows

One of the things that we’re really enjoying getting a chance to dive into at present is an article series themed for the most part around one thing: Casting dreams for some of our favorite actors with TV ties. There’s one online for Sam Heughan, and we’ve also got one up for Idris Elba. Therefore, it makes sense now to discuss great TV roles for Jamie Dornan following his time on The Fall.

Note that this is obviously just for fun, and we’re aware that there are probably hundreds of movie projects out there who’d also love to get him on board. Take a look at our suggestions, and then let us know some of your own!

The Good Place – Doesn’t Jamie deserve to do something funny following Paul Spector or Christian Gray? Have him be the manager of a candy store or a Build-A-Bear within the Kristen Bell comedy’s fictionalized version of “Heaven.” (It’s far more complicated than that, but it feels wrong to spoil the central premise for those who haven’t seen it yet.) Dornan could be big and silly here in a way he doesn’t always get to be.

Suits – This show’s featured a variety of other cutthroat attorneys, but few have been a direct match to Gabriel Macht’s own Harvey Specter. Cast Dornan as a name partner of another powerful firm who comes into contact with him for a heated civil case. The two have heard legends of each other, but never have had an opportunity to square off before. We already know that Dornan’s got an impressive suit game, and he could really make Harvey start to shake within his boots.

The Flash – Who wouldn’t want to see a Dornan take on a classic superhero villain? The problem here is that many of the biggest ones from the Flash universe have been used already for this show, so we would recommend for him here is either a new character (someone with the ability to read minds or something else cognitive), or a character another DC Comics franchise transported over to this show. He’d make an interesting Two-Face if there was ever a way to incorporate an iconic Batman villain.

Flaked – This is probably the most obscure of our choices for Dornan, but it’s also the one that goes the further against type now given how he is known for a wide audience for someone very sleek and buttoned-up. The Will Arnett Netflix comedy is set in Venice, California, and you could make him into a Venice Beach hipster who sells license-plates made out of recycled goods who lives in some back alley. Let Jamie grow a beard and be artsy, weird, and all sorts of ridiculous. Changing the pace for any actor is good, and this is a complicated show worthy of more attention.

Once Upon a Time – Okay, we just couldn’t resist throwing it on here. We know it’s unlikely that a Sheriff Graham reprisal ever happens, but the same goes for all of the shows on this list. This is just fun! Seriously, though, Graham remains one of the biggest loose ends of the series given that there was a whole lot more to be explored there, even after he was killed off.

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