Supergirl season 2, episode 14 review: Is Jeremiah Danvers a traitor?

Supergirl -There’s no need to bury the lead in this Supergirl season 2, episode 14 review: This episode is all about trust. We’re talking about trust between siblings, trust between lovers, and trust between parents and children.

The story begins with the return of Jeremiah Danvers into the mix. Supergirl and J’onn rescued him in the opening minutes of the episode, and from there, we went into a whole story surrounding whether or not we could trust him. On paper, this all seemed pretty perfect. After all, Jeremiah was incredibly kind, and still had all of the memories that he once did of the family. Cadmus didn’t torture any feelings out of him!

Yet, he was there a LONG time, and Cadmus had to know that Supergirl could’ve rescued him in the way that she did. This could’ve all been a setup, and Jeremiah didn’t help matters by acting all super-suspicious once he got to the DEO. Things went from bad to worse when it he started to look through some old files. This was the first sign of things going awry, and this was clear in part thanks to Mon-El.

We do understand why there was a reason for Alex and Kara initially to doubt everything he was saying. After all, he was their father! Kara did eventually come around to some of what Winn and Mon-El ere telling her. However, for Alex it was not anywhere near as easy. By the time she figured it out, her father had established himself as Full Traitor, working with Cadmus to retrieve the files.

Why did he do it?

During an intense conversation (and a fantastic performance from Chyler Leigh, by the way), she pressed him for answers as to why he did what he did. He wouldn’t give in to that, and told her that if she wanted to bring him in, she’d have to shoot him. She couldn’t do that. He got away, and we are left to wonder what his betrayal means in the larger scope of things.

The majority of the rest of the episode revolved around the family picking up the pieces of him working against the team. Alex turned to Maggie for emotional support, and Kara Mon-El. At least the two parties have someone they can rely on at this time that they clearly need it more than ever.

Here’s the cliffhanger — the thing that Jeremiah stole, per Winn, was the national alien registry. All of a sudden, the organization who wants to kill aliens now knows who all of the aliens are. As the end of the episode showed, that cannot be good news.

Our overall take on ‘Homecoming’

The first half-hour was slow. The second half, meanwhile, was outstanding and intense. In addition to Leigh’s performance, you had a great moment in here with Kara and the train. Pretty ambitious for a show with this budget! A very good episode overall. It really flew by this time in turns of run time, though we’re still wondering where in the world James Olsen is at present. Grade: B+.

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