The Blacklist season 4: Hisham Tawfiq warns you of drama to come after betrayal

The Blacklist logo any seasonLast week’s episode of The Blacklist did a pretty incredible job of delivering one of the biggest stunners we’ve had a chance to see on the so far. After all, how else can you possibly describe the notion of a Dembe betrayal? He’s been Red’s right-hand man for much of the series, and it now looks like he’s responsible for poisoning the man.

Well, remember that perception is not always reality. You may not be finding out the answer until the show returns in April, but there are a number of different ways this could be more than it appears. For example, it’s possible that Dembe was set up, that he was captured and then framed, or that someone else has something over him that caused him to commit the act. Personally, we still believe Mr. Kaplan is somehow involved just because of her longstanding connections to Red’s organization and motivation to want revenge over someone who nearly killed her.

Hisham Tawfiq isn’t dishing out any spoilers as to what’s coming for Dembe, but he did post this video HERE — it’s amazing. He basically throws out every single word and metaphor possible to get you hyped for whatever sort of “storm” is going to be coming up this season the rest of the way. There are probably a few more twists to come, and hopefully some Dembe backstory comes out in the process. He’s a guy where a part of the charm does come in the mystery, but at this point in the show’s run we’re comfortable with the idea of peeling back some of the layers.

As for waiting for the next two months? Well, we’re a little less comfortable with that, even if The Blacklist: Redemption is there to tide us over.

Over the weekend, we described how the future for the flagship show is not necessarily set in stone. With that, we also shared an article describing some of what both the show, and us as viewers, can do in order to keep it going.

Do you think Dembe could end up being the traitor, and this is almost misdirection-within-misdirection? Be sure to share below! (Photo: NBC.)

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