The Blacklist: What James Spader series needs to do to secure season 5 renewal

The Blacklist logo any seasonA mere matter of days ago, The Blacklist went on hiatus over at NBC. With that, we were left waiting in the wings in order to see The Blacklist: Redemption.

Unfortunately both shows have something in common at the moment — the ratings aren’t great. The latter is probably dependent on the struggles of the former. The Blacklist remains a very good show — it’s hard its struggles along the way (season 3 was a rough one for us), but we still think that it has some of the strongest characters and performances out of anything on network TV. It’s unfortunately been stuck now with a rough timeslot, and with that, it has the misfortune of being a show that you can’t quite dive into without prior knowledge of what’s going on.

For the time being, NBC’s yet to hand down a season 5 renewal. Will that happen before it returns in April? Maybe, but in the event that it doesn’t, we like to think that we’ve got some handy suggestions for what it should do to help facilitate the process.

1. Pair up Liz and Red more – The main focus of the pilot was the dynamic between these two as they collaborated to take down Blacklsiters. It’s easier said than done given that he’s not stuck somewhere that he has to work with the FBI anymore, but it could be essential to bringing the show back to prominence and getting some previously-loyal fans back.

2. Big-name guest castings – During the first two seasons, the show was exceptional at this. It’s a little harder with smaller ratings, but we do still like to think that there are some people out there the producers should be able to recruit for this.

3. A streamlined narrative – Keep things simple, and balance out a case-of-the-week story with a larger arc. With network shows that run 22 episodes, this at times is the best option to keep things from getting too convoluted.

The biggest reason to have hope here for the future is probably the sole fact that this timeslot has shown itself to be so terrible for so many different NBC shows. If The Blacklist can continue to hover near a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic, that may be enough to keep them happy as opposed to throwing a new show to the wolves there.

What do you the needs to be done to secure The Blacklist season 5 renewal? Share in the comments below! (Photo: NBC.)

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