Should Alec Baldwin, John Oliver perform at White Correspondents Dinner 2017?

Trump -Earlier today, the news was first announced that Donald Trump was not going to be attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but for those wondering, it wasn’t really like he had a great reason for it. Instead, this seemed to have mostly to do with him just not being interested in taking part in something that would both honor journalists and mock him at the same time.

One of the things that is always a central component to this event is that there is a featured comedian, someone who comes out and tries to roast people on both sides of the aisle. Sometimes, these performers play it safe and just try to have fun with the crowd. Other times, they go for the jugular. Stephen Colbert was famous for his take on George W. Bush during his stint at the gig, while Seth Meyers’ attack on Trump years ago (when he attended prior to his campaign) is something that may have been an impetus for him wanting to run.

With Trump not being there, who should try to fill the void with comedy? We’ve got a few suggestions.

Alec Baldwin – Obviously, why not replace Trump with Trump? The famed impersonator from Saturday Night Live this season would probably have some people in stitches, and he’s familiar enough with politics to take on the job. He’s not really a comedian by trade, but if he comes up with a series of rehearsed bits it may not matter.

Kate McKinnon – It’d be almost as funny to bring on the woman famed for playing Hillary Clinton on the sketch show. She’s someone who also has a wide array of other characters (Elizabeth Warren, Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions) who she could bring out in front of the crowd.

John Oliver – If for whatever reason the event wants to really burn Trump to the ground, the Last Week Tonight host feels like the natural fit.

Jimmy Fallon – There isn’t really a comedian on TV who we’d describe as right-leaning, but Fallon is probably the safe pick if you want to bring in a familiar name that isn’t going to overly destroy either party.

Given that the President isn’t going to be there, though, we do wonder what sort of host the event will be able to get! Samantha Bee’s already announced that she is hosting a rival party, so she is off the list.

Should Alec Baldwin perform at the White Correspondents Dinner? Have any suggestions? Share in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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