Saturday Night Live wishlist: Why Jensen Ackles of Supernatural should host


We’re moving forward today with the latest edition of our SNL Wishlist series, and this one is about a very simple subject: Why Jensen Ackles should host Saturday Night Live. The Supernatural star is someone who we’ve come to know over time for giving his all as Dean on The CW show, and one of the great things about the character is that he’s got so many sides. We’ve seen the party-guy and the flirt, but also the protective brother, the bruiser, the jokester, and the hero. He can do anything, and we’ve come to find that SNL loves to have people on who can do anything.

Do we need to give you some more reasons for making it happen? That shouldn’t be too hard.

Cameo potential

If this is some wonderful world where Jensen gets to host SNL, you have to imagine that cameos would happen. Imagine for a moment getting Jared Padalecki to turn up in the middle of a Supernatural spoof, or seeing the two have to engage in some zany physical comedy where they are best friends fighting to get the attention of the woman they both love. Misha Collins could show up as the normal guy in a sketch, and they could be the wacky characters / angels / whatever else you want them to be! You’ve got twelve seasons of material here, so there’s plenty to work with.

International attention

One of the things we’ve yet to understand is SNL and their avoidance of other TV stars as hosts. We know that it’s competing networks, but is it really so bad when you consider the ratings and the social-media buzz you’ll get? Sure, we know that the show is already getting PLENTY of that right now, but few shows have the love internationally that Supernatural does.

He’s hilarious

This is the most obvious one. Just go and watch some interviews featuring Jensen outside of the character — he’s a guy who can go for big laughs while still being relatable to people you know in your everyday life. He’d bring a charm and a lot of zingers to Studio 8H if he was to ever turn up. He’d also surprise people who only know him as Dean.

While we’ve made it clear that Jensen Ackles should host Saturday Night Live, the odds of it happening still probably aren’t that high just because of what we said already about the show’s history of hiring TV people. They’ve never hired a CW star, but that’s not stopping us from campaigning! In addition to Jensen, we’ve also lobbied in the past for Stephen Amell and Gina Rodriguez.

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