The Vampire Diaries season 8, episode 14: Katherine returns, but how?

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Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries promised many happy returns, but we have to say that the one on Friday night is one that we should all be kicking ourselves over for quite a long time. We imagine that we’d be writing the headline “Katherine returns” eventually. However, what was somewhat unexpected was the idea of her coming back in the way that she did.

Of course, fair warning: There are some spoilers ahead…

In the closing minutes of Friday night’s 8×14, what we learned was that Katherine now had a sweet new post at Hell: Main boss. Basically, the end of Cade did not mean that Hell was gone from the characters’ lives. This is something that they are all probably going to have to learn the hard way as the show progresses.

If you are thinking about the show in the most meta of terms, than seeing Katherine return here makes total sense. It’s a brilliant full-circle moment for the series to get precisely back to where they first started, and with someone they started with. Katherine was one of the first Big Bads, and with her ruling Hell, it makes some sense for her to be the last. the only bad news is that with Nina Dobrev only appearing for the last episode of the show, there is not going to be many opportunities to use her. Still, don’t you have to think that the writers are going to try to hype this up as much as possible moving into next week?

Love is in the air…

Or, as we should really say, romance is in the air for now. Caroline and Stefan seem to be closer to having that June Wedding that they’ve long dreamed of, but the big cause for concern here is that this is a show where crazy stuff just tends to happen. Therefore, we have to think that something is going to turn chaos with Katherine roaming around out there now.

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