Shark Tank review: DartDrones, Ora Organic, Sand Cloud Towels, The Elephant Pants

Shark Tank -Friday night’s Shark Tank was no ordinary episode. after all, this marked an opportunity to see the Tank officially pass $100,000,000 in deals! That, dear friends, as a lot of zeroes! Hopefully, there will be a few products that successfully add to this total and then some over the course of this episode. We will update this page with more on the products once we have more to report! We’ll say that going into the episode, we thought that DartDrones and The Elephant Pants were the two more likely to get deals than Ora Organic and Sand Cloud Towels.

(For the record, you can click on any of the links below to be navigated over to their official websites.)

Sand Cloud Towels – This is a product line with a cause. Specifically, they give money to help marine life. The product itself has an awkward name given that one of the big critiques for the towel was that that it really wasn’t all that soft. The towel was rather thin, even if it was high-quality and could double as a sarong.

What was amazing about the negotiation that followed the pitch was that Robert Herjavec was very clear that he didn’t get the product or understand the vision for it, and that actually didn’t matter all that much in the end. The guys were still able to secure a deal with him, as he cited Tipsy Elves as another brand that he’d been able to make into a huge success despite having some doubts as to whether or not it could work.

Ora Organic – A powder-based line of products designed to help you live better AND feel better. Basically, this is a pretty killer one-two combination, isn’t it? We like the idea of the product, and they sold it extremely well, far better than we ever imagined that they would given that there have been similar powders / health products on the show before. This was just a better version … and they may have valued it TOO much, given that they weren’t able to land a deal in the end after they didn’t want to meet the value Kevin O’Leary set on the business.

DartDrones – Will this company successfully teach you a thing or two about drones? We suppose that there is a reason why we don’t see many segments on the show where a Shark gives someone precisely what it is that they are asking for, mostly because it ends the pitch incredibly quickly and without a heck of a lot of fanfare. This absolutely happened here the moment that Mark Cuban offered the woman behind her drone training program everything she was asking for. In retrospect, we do get it since this was a pretty smart idea to keep klutzes from crashing their drone into stuff.

The Elephant Pants – Sure, the harem pants and other clothing items they sell are trendy, but this is about more than that. It’s in part around the message. It’s an interesting product given that we wouldn’t necessarily wear it out in public, but these harem pants certainly seem comfortable. They got plenty of offers, especially when you consider that THEY got Daymond John interested! Unfortunately, they also ran the risk of him going out or raising his price after the Kevin O’Leary – Lori Greiner partnership dissolved. Luckily, they did still eventually get the deal!

Which one of these products tonight would you want to buy? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: ABC.)

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