Chicago Daily: Be prepared for a Chicago Med tragedy

chicago-med-nbc-logoWill someone die on Chicago Med season 2? This is a question that we’re focusing in on in the latest edition of our Chicago Daily series, and there is a significant reason to worry.

There have been whispers of a character death coming before, but now, we can start to circle things in. The upcoming March 16 episode entitled “Monday Mourning” is going to mark a somber occasion from the show. Someone within the Chicago Med family will be leaving, and it is due to particularly tragic circumstances. This is one of those situations where to say too much is to ruin the surprise, and that’s not something that is conducive to the show. Therefore, it’s better to leave something to the imagination here … even if it is the most terrible thing possible to leave.

From the standpoint of the patients, one of the other stories in this episode will revolve around a patient who faced a medical emergency following an accident at a river. As a result of that, you will see massive family turmoil that starts to divide everyone and could put some of the doctors and nurses in precarious positions.

Aside from all of this, in general there are several things to watch for on the second season, whether it be significant medical challenges for the doctors to relationship questions that could be raised. Do you think that Nina Shore will let anything go as of right now in terms of Will Halstead’s comments about Natalie? Sooner or later, we anticipate matters to come to a head there.

Bonus item

Just to give you something to look forward to further, know that we spoke earlier today to Peter Jankowski, an executive producer on all of the Chicago shows, about the upcoming crossover event next week. It’s a great interview full of behind-the-scenes insight, and it’s something you can expect to see next week.

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