How to get on ‘Shark Tank’ in 2017: Entrepreneurs, business owners want to pitch

Shark tank -On Friday night the popular show “Shark Tank” will cross the $100 million threshold of deals made on the reality show. It’s quite an amazing feat! “Shark Tank” premiered in August 2009. Looking back at the series, the connection between savvy investors like Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner and the enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are looking for funding is amazing.

While it has taken a while, viewers first noticed sharp business decisions and logical explanations. It was a different kind of boardroom and the primary investors made real decisions. Add all the cash invested into the business world, and there should be no surprise why this show is so popular. Even today, people are excited to see what is being pitched every Friday night on ABC.

Do you want to know how to get on ‘Shark Tank’ in 2017?

Most viewers watch the show for entertainment value. Then there are the business go-getters who see potential for their own projects. Many people are asking how to get on ‘Shark Tank’ in 2017. Even if turned down by the Sharks, this ABC show could be a boost for potential businesses and is seen as a good place to start when looking for investors.

The chance just to pitch this show is highly competitive. Hundreds, if not thousands of people send in their idea/business plan to be considered. Big and small ideas compete equally, but the first step is the most important. You need submit to be considered to be on the show.

The “Shark Tank” process is very straight forward. The primary way to pitch the show is to send an email to the show with your personal information, a picture and a brief description of your business, product or idea. No doubt thousands of people give the producers details about their projects.

There is another way to pitch your project and it’s to meet someone from the show in person. The staff of “Shark Tank” heads out to open casting calls to entertain new ideas for future shows. This process might be more intimidating for entrepreneurs, but if you have good presentation skills, consider this option. The list of 2017 cities includes Detroit, New York, Los Angeles area and Charlotte.

When pitching “Shark Tank” remember your success is based on what the show is looking for AND your idea. There is always an element of TV magic when it comes to television shows (even reality business shows.) Rejection is possible. Be prepared for whatever answer is offered. Additionally, don’t shy away from pursuing your idea and let the idea of a TV show scare you. Many people have great ideas, but few act on them. Finding your funding might be just a TV show away! (Photo: ABC.)

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