‘Suits’ season 6, episode 15 review: Mike’s highs and lows; Louis gets honest; Donna gets an offer

Mike Ross -Tonight on “Suits,” we saw Mike Ross in a position where he was starting to give up hope on becoming a lawyer, and for good reason, given that every plan that he had was starting to fall apart. To make matters worse, he was also in danger of losing valuable money for the people he was so desperately trying to help at the clinic.

The thing about Mike is that he has this habit of making life incredibly difficult on himself.  Even when things are starting to go a little bit better for himself, he finds a way to dig a new hole with his ambition. The good news for him is that he does remain someone with great people around him — and we’re including Harvey in that, even if he didn’t do the best job of cluing Mike in on the fact that he was dropping affiliation with his case before going over and getting egg on his face during a meeting.

The good news here is quite simple: Harvey eventually did come back thanks to yet again a character getting himself out of a corner, and he and Mike did their best in order to team up to get their opponent on the ropes once more. We’ll admit that as far as adversaries go, Big Evil Corporation wasn’t as slick or as interesting as some others in the past, but we’re just glad to see the two guys working together once more. They worked to get their plan back together, and to get Mike closer to the Bar with once more.

Louis gets caught in the crosshairs – Sometimes, work lives and home lives don’t mix, and this is something that one Louis Litt is learning more and more over time. Having to lie to Tara is one of the last things that he wanted to do, but it was something that he felt like he was forced to do.

He eventually admitted to Tara that he was working with Mike now to get him into the Bar; not only that, but that he used the knowledge that Mike was a fraud to get his name on the wall. For the first time, Tara knew the true history of Louis Litt — he’s a guy with a big heart, but he’s made compromising, difficult decisions. She wanted him to be honest, but maybe not this honest. This brought off the worst in Louis, and their relationship is now on the rocks.

The highs and lows of The Donna – Donna continued to work with Benjamin tonight in hopes of turning her personal assistant into a moneymaker all the world over. She was ambitious, and she did everything that she could in order to prepare for one of the biggest meetings of her entire life by getting an “offer” from Stu. They were ready to pitch their personal-assistant device, and at first, it appeared as though the presentation went really well! Unfortunately, what they realized soon after that was that there were a wide array of different problems that stemmed from them really not being a part of this world on a regular basis. For example, the perception of Donna herself as a “career legal secretary,” with was something that she was prepared to hear when she eavesdropped on some of the investors.

Donna decided after hearing what these guys said that she wanted to dissolve the partnership and allow Benjamin to go it alone … but he wouldn’t let her. Eventually, she went back to Stu, and made it clear that maybe they should be in business together. think of this as the beginnings of a potentially-beautiful friendship.

Overall – This was an eventful hour, but once again we find ourselves in a position where we’re actually enjoying most of the supporting stories more than what is going on with Mike. That’s not so much a bad thing as it is that the other stories are simply that strong. Grade: B+.

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