‘Bull’ episode 15 review: Diana Lindsay returns — as does the romantic rivalry

Jill Flint -Every hero has a villain. Batman has the Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor, and Dr. Jason Bull has Diana Lindsay.

Actually, maybe we should compare Bull and Diana more to Batman and Catwoman, given all of the tension that the two have anytime that they get into a scene together. There is some history there, and that history bleeds directly into how they interact with each other in the present.

The reality here between the two of them is this: They care about each other; however, they care about their jobs, and about winning, so much more. This was the main focus of “What’s Your Number”,” which was the new episode of the show airing on Tuesday night. They were on opposite sides, but yet the two were willing to share a little bit of information — and even share a nightcap or two along the way.

The big question at the center of the episode – Was Andrew, a powerful magnate behind many buildings in New York City, a sociopath? This was something that Bull wondered, as he felt that the man was guilty killing someone. The problem that Bull had was that he couldn’t find a tell for the guy, and a way to manipulate him in the way that he could many other defendants.

To make matters worse for Bull during the trial, we saw repeated examples of Diana trying to undermine his efforts. For one, she paid off his mirror jury; then, she tried to surprise him when it comes to witnesses. Following all of this, one of the men who oversaw the building for the skybridge, which was at the center of the accident, ended up taking his own life. The entire testimony that was out there for the jury was effectively rendered useless, much to the chagrin of Bull and his team.

How bad it got – Basically, the title for this episode was a reference to precisely how much Bull would take in order to just go away and disappear. With Andrew’s attempt to pay him off, all of a sudden Bull got a good sense of one of the man’s biggest weaknesses: Using money and influence to make matters go away. Also, he just so had a habit of analyzing things when it comes to cost. “Risk assessment analysis.” This is something that Andrew was the mater of, and this basically was a way to pin what happened on him. Basically, he felt like it was better and more cost-effective to lose lives than to have to rebuild.

Thanks to this final revelation on Bull’s part — all thanks to Andrew’s mistake — Bull got his guilty verdict right again and it felt earned. At the end of the case, Andrew accused Diana of colluding with Bull — she didn’t seem that worried, and decided with the case over, maybe it was time to have an actual dinner with him for a change!

Overall – “What’s Your Number?” was an episode with many emotional moments, but it was also one that was charming and hilarious. Kudos to Jill Flint for another great performance as Diana; even if she does have another job on “The Night Shift,” we hope that she gets some further opportunities to turn up here and there. Grade: B.

When is the show returning? – That’s the question that we are going to answer over at the link here. Be sure to check it out! (Photo: CBS.)

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