’24: Legacy’ episode 4 review: This hospital needs better security…

24 Legacy24: Legacy” may still be the best worst show on television. It’s complete nonsense much of the time, but it’s OUR NONSENSE and nothing can take that away from us.

There are so many ways in which the episode that we saw tonight made very little sense at all, starting of course with the fact that somehow, nobody seems to pay any mind to Amira sneaking into a hospital bed occupied by Drew, even though she’s nothing more than a high school friend he was crushing after, and spontaneously killing him after a tense fight. Didn’t anyone hear this or want to watch what was going on? This was pure luck and convenience that he didn’t tell anyone before this precisely how she was bad news.

Also, there is still no way of knowing for sure why any of this is important other beyond it being ridiculous.

The meat of the story – The best part of “24: Legacy” is the part with Jimmy Smits in it, especially when you see John Donovan learning that his father — who he should’ve known was corrupt, given that he’s played by Gerald McRaney — had some dark secrets that he was trying to hide about ties to his pipelines and terrorists. He wanted John to keep things quiet, but we’re not altogether sure that this is going to happen.

To make matters worse, there’s the whole “your campaign manager is accused of being a terrorist” angle, even though it feels pretty clear at the very least to us that she’s not the one responsible.

The journey of Eric Carter – What a surprise — there are parts of the CTU that are going rogue against some other parts! Were this not in EVERY SEASON OF THIS SHOW EVER, we’d be a little bit more surprised. Computer guru Andy is almost surely getting fired for doing what he did to get schematic information to Carter and Grimes, who now seem to be on the same page in realizing that getting Gabriel, the ex-military smuggler guy who may be the key to resolving their hot mess of a situation that first started back in the first episode.

If we’re being honest, though, we’re finding the stuff with Eric the driest part of these episodes, which probably isn’t the best when he’s the lead. There’s something so corny about the Amira stuff that it’s at least interesting, whereas Smits so compelling that watching paint would be fantastic with him. The biggest issue runs into is that the show just has him doing stuff that feels almost out of a “24” paint-by-numbers book, and it’s hard to get that enthused so far when it’s variations on a similar theme that we’ve seen before. Hopefully, the show finds a way to spice things up with him a little further soon.

Overall – Episode 4 of “Legacy” continues the show’s legacy of being enjoyable, if completely bizarre, television. Sometimes, you really do have to suspend belief and go along for the ride — if you can do that here, this iteration of “24” is pretty thrilling. Otherwise … well, you’re in trouble. Grade: B.

What’d you think about episode 4? Was this enjoyable to you, or just completely silly beyond reason? Share below, and click here to get a further preview for what’s coming up next. (Photo: Fox.)

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