‘Timeless’ finale review: The Rittenhouse twist you didn’t see coming

Rufus -Tonight’s season finale of “Timeless” was all sorts of fantastic, but we have to start things off her by making one thing clear: Should we have all have seen this coming a long time ago? For some reason, we managed to completely overlook something that turned out to be a wonderful way to wrap up the story, and give us a hell of a hook for a second season that may or may not come.

Here’s the twist: Lucy’s mother was in Rittenhouse all along. She thought this whole time that she was protecting her, but the reality was that she also came from a long line of prominent members of the organization. Lucy was effectively royalty, which is why she was so destined to be a key player in their future. Emma was also in Rittenhouse, and in the closing minutes she was taking out the Mothership, ready to change everything when it comes to the history of the past and present. Despite everything that the Time Team did, they lost.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest assets on her side was Garcia Flynn, and Lucy saw him arrested earlier in the episode in a miscalculation for many of the other people from the team.

Kind of a depressing end for the entire season, right? Thankfully, the impact of the big reveal helps to compensate for the fact that they really should have listened to Flynn more than they did over the course of the season. He wasn’t always the nicest guy, but in retrospect some of what he said about stopping Rittenhouse made sense. (Maybe if the guy had better bedside manner…)

Let’s talk romance – First, it appeared that Rufus’ life was in danger. Then, it was Jiya’s. They both survived, which is great since she was able to tell him how much she loved him, which wasn’t exactly assured going into the closing minutes. Unfortunately, their beautiful moment was undercut by Jiya seemingly glitching / moving through time in some odd way. Was this caused by some change in the timeline, or does she have some ability that makes “Timeless” into “Heroes”? That’s your cliffhanger with her, but it’s an interesting one to say the least.

As for Wyatt and Lucy, he’s open more to the possibility of living in the now after realizing that there was no point in trying to go back and change something when it came to Jessica. There wasn’t another obvious option, since he didn’t even have a lead on who killed her.

Overall Take – We haven’t mentioned much about McCarthyism here just because it feels almost like an afterthought to the episode in retrospect — it was well-done, but almost everything in this episode was. We watch SO many hours of television that it’s easy for us to feel jaded and not be surprised about anything anymore. Yet, this somehow did. It was a wonderfully shocking end to an emotional finale, and if it doesn’t continue, we’re going to have a VERY hard time getting over the show ending. Here’s to imagination, and hopefully more “Timeless” at some point down the road. Grade: A.

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