‘The Bachelor’ review: Andi Dorfman crashes Nick Viall’s hometown dates

Nick -Hometown dates are the time on “The Bachelor” where you get to see some meaningful conversations. This season, it also meant a chance to see Nick Viall have a personal conversation with somebody’s nanny. Hey, when you’ve got Corinne Olympios on your season, ANYTHING goes.

Below, we’ve got some snap judgments from tonight’s nonsense, which included Nick making out with Raven in some potentially-toxic job, and Nick trying out some workout equipment that was valued at $800. $800! This is something that you’re meant to sweat all over.

Raven – Raven’s certainly sweet, and she’s got a fiery personality. If she doesn’t win this season, we imagine that ABC is going to be throwing epic amounts of money to get her on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Her family visit was probably the most traditional by show standards.

Rachel – Rachel’s family is awesome, and we were happy getting a chance to see the show tackle the subject of race in a way that they have shied away from in the past. There were great conversations about what their family and the future would look like, but Nick did a good job of putting everyone at ease — or at least far better than eh did later in the episode! Let’s just put it that way.

Corinne – This date surprises us. While our opinion of Corinne didn’t change much, we found that her family was pretty grounded and rather interesting. They were receptive to Nick, but her father voiced some good concerns about whether or not he will have a real job that will be able to support her. Remember the lifestyle that she is used to! We saw those price tags a little bit earlier in the episode…

Vanessa – This date was definitely the most awkward, mostly because Nick proved to have an incredibly difficult time trying to figure out a way to reassure her family that they could make this relationship work. Most troubling, they hadn’t had many real conversations about their future or living in separate countries. Vanessa’s father (who Nick met separately, as her parents are divorced) was all sorts of terrifying and intimidating — he was basically the final boss at the end of the video game.

We will say, however, that we love that Vanessa works as a teacher for adults who are trying to get smart, real-world education. This is a job that so many people out there do take for granted, so applause to her there.

Andi Dorfman? – Yes, this happened — just as it was heavily promoted to happen. You saw it for a second and then … CLIFFHANGER! Pretty stupid one really given that this is clearly nothing, and a poor way to end a pretty interesting episode for the most part otherwise. Grade: B.

What did you think about tonight’s episode, and what was your favorite hometown date tonight? Share below, and head over here for some more news, including many previews for what is coming up next.

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