‘Supergirl’ season 2, episode 13 review: Did Kara, Mon-El conquer Mr. Mxyzptlk?

Wedding -Meet Mr. Mxyzptlk — he’s an imp, he’s incredibly creative, and he is the focus of Monday night’s new episode of “Supergirl.” His name, per his own admission, is precisely how it sounds!

This entire episode was weird, wacky, and at the same time also incredibly delightful. It’s rather fun to have a villain who seems to exist mostly for the sole purpose of wanting to be loved … by any means necessary. There were certainly some moments in here where it felt like this character was going to go full Fatal Attraction on Kara in the midst of trying to get her to love him back. He threatened police officers, created a new Parasite, and sang various Disney songs … and that was just in the first third of the episode.

One person who was clearly not a fan of Mixy was Mon-El, who’d encountered beings like him before, and also was feeling a serious case of the jealousy. Why did this guy have to turn up and steal some of his relationship thunder? Everything was going so well for him right until Mixy showed up, so his desperation to get him gone led to Kara pushing him away. In her mind, he was making things far worse than they needed to be. Mon-El’s ego led to him challenging him to a duel, which was one part “Hamilton” and another part ridiculous. (Chris Wood is very good in comedic settings, and this is one of the great things that we’ve learned about him through the Mon-El arc.)

Eventually, things got so bad that Kara decided that she would marry Mixy, just for the sake of stopping him and also preserving the happiness of the world … or so she said. She needed to create a ruse to get him out to her wedding site of the Fortress, and then break the news to him that said wedding wasn’t going to happen. Is it fair to say that he wasn’t too pleased with this decision.

Kara’s decision here was a pretty smart one — she got Mixy out to this Fortress, trapped him there, and basically put himself in a situation where the only way for him to leave was to make her believe that she was going to kill herself otherwise. He wrote his name backwards to stop a blast within the Fortress, and this was a way for him to force him to leave.

In a way, Mixy was a tragic character in that all he really wanted was to be loved. Yet, he was terrible at said love, which is going to make it INCREDIBLY hard in order to get anyone to be with him when he’s forcing people to make it happen.

Following Mixy’s departure, Mon-El did his part to make amends by apologizing, and making it clear how awesome he found her plan … one that he really should have listened to further. In the process, he said that his feelings for her were “his kryptonite.” He was concerned that the two of them weren’t meant to be after what she said … but that turned out to not be the case. Basically, the Mon-El / Kara kiss happened.

Alex and Maggie’s first Valentine’s Day – Alex wanted to celebrate the holiday by the terms of her new girlfriend, but there was a clear problem with doing this — Maggie hated Valentine’s Day, and she didn’t know precisely how to get her to feel differently. Therefore, she tried to bring her into her world, and it blew up in her face — it turned out that Maggie had a specific reason to hate the holiday stemming from her past: Her parents first found out she was a lesbian because of a childhood friend telling them after a Valentine’s Day surprise when she was a teenager. They didn’t approve, and she had a really challenging childhood after that.

Maggie realized that she overreacted, and did her best to make things right. She gave her the romantic night that she want. Basically, it was a prom that she never really had.

Winn’s date – Apparently, Winn found out getting into an extremely aggressive alien who worked at the bar. This came almost out of nowhere, and was hilarious for many reasons. There was a nice vulnerability there, but also a ton of humor because she was the complete opposite of him in almost every possible way. (Basically, we love almost any Winn story these days.)

Overall – This episode was really funny, very sweet, and romantic without it feeling forced. Easily, this is one of the best episodes of the season — the villain had a personality! Grade: A-.

Next week – Jeremiah Danvers returns … but is he how he seems? You can get a little bit more news regarding the character’s big return by heading over to the link here. (Photo: The CW.)

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