Stay Tuned: “The Price is Right: Celebrity Charity Week” has stars come on down for charity

Price is Right -Viewers of “The Price is Right” gets a star studded line up this week on daytime TV as it’s the celebrity charity week. The famous faces are big stars from CBS! Taking the stage with enthusiasm and excitement, the celebrities help fans try to win as much cash as possible and play for charities that they support. Of course, there are trips, cars and appliances up for grabs too.

The “The Price is Right” kicked off on September 4, 1972. Handing out prizes like candy every weekday, this game show series hasn’t had a problem attracting people to play. People at home love it too. Viewers tune in to see what is being given away and challenging themselves on the actual retail price too. The game show segments dare people at home to get involved and yell at the TV to help the people guessing the prices (of course, only the neighbors can hear the yelling.) Add the famous faces with this special week and this is a perfect daytime game show to watch.

As you might expect, the idea of watching “The Price is Right” during the day is not possible with a regular job. That doesn’t stop people from watching the show daily. I personally know over a dozen people who DVR the show (while they are at work) and watch it in the evening. Fans of this show rarely miss an episode, even if they have a full schedule.

Don’t think you can’t experience this show live and have fun. In fact, the excitement seen on “The Price is Right: Celebrity Charity Week” is possible if you decide to attend a live taping. Filming in Los Angeles at the CBS Studios, and it’s a unique experience everyone should check out. Fans come from all over the world wearing custom, handmade shirts, trying to get on the stage to guess the actual retail price. Drew Carey is at the helm creating a unique opportunity for fans each and every show. He hosts the show while the cameras are rolling, and during the breaks, he talks to the audience. The audience is part of the magic of television, even if only for a short time.

“The Price is Right: Celebrity Charity Week” is an example of great daytime television. America’s popular game show recognizes the importance of catering to  fans while the stars to help charities. (Photo: CBS.)

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