How Many Americans could complete the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ obstacle course?

Ninja Warrior -On Monday night America will be watching a famous obstacle course and cheering on the best athletes. With “American Ninja Warrior: All Stars” in full swing, the viewers will be glued to their seats. Watching competitors from around the country compete on an elite level, this is an intense reality show. Every inch of the course demands strength, determination and emotional focus.

In past seasons of the reality show, I’ve had the privilege to sit in front of this amazing course. A live look at this obstacle course will make you start counting calories. It’s not for the weak at heart (or the Twinkie eating type). It’s daunting and amazing in the same breath. It demands your attention.

Have you wondered how many typical Americans could complete this course? I’m not talking about the elite fitness gurus either. Just everyday folks, like you and me, who haven’t trained for months and decided to give it a whirl. Taking as long as you want, could you complete this course?

Looking closely at all the different parts of the obstacle course, it’s detailed beyond belief. Three teams are taking on the course, but in the real world, you might not want to step up to try. It’s that crazy insane when it comes to the technical aspects of even trying to complete the course. Add this week’s five “supersized” skills and you might feel completely overwhelmed.

At basketball games sometimes the sport offers a comparison of physically trained athletes to regular people. Some lucky fan is offered a chance to make a basket at the three point line for a few bucks. It’s always hard to tell if they will make the shot. An athlete could make the basket with their eyes closed. Real folks need luck on their side. It’s not easy to make a basket at the three point line and the world knows it.

This tougher-than-snot principle is true with the “American Ninja Warrior” obstacle course too. No doubt the competitors anguish and push to have their opportunity to be their best as the cameras are rolling. Reality TV viewers watch gleefully as physical limits (and mental stamina) is tested. However, when it comes to attempting the obstacle course ourselves, viewers know to take a seat. The best seat in the house is on your sofa cheering on some of these great “American Ninja Warrior” competitors focus on being their best. We all know the competitors on Monday night are known as All-Stars for a reason! (Photo: NBC.)

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