‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 15 review: Mole hunt reveals betrayal, Deeks saves Kensi, Miguel Ferrer’s final scenes

Payback -On Sunday night “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans got to see the team tie up loose ends and help track down the mole tearing the office apart. The team has been searching for weeks to find the mole and they have come to the end of their investigation. Thankfully, it wasn’t a moment too soon. Special Agent Kensi Blye was kidnapped by a CIA agent and the team turned over every rock to find her.

With emotions running high, LAPD Detective Marty Deeks definitely let the punches fly looking for answers. Seeing a more assertive and demanding side, the viewers were surprised by Marty’s nonstop determination. Realizing how much he loves Blye, Deeks seriously seemed unhinged as he kept the pace of the team on target during the searches and offered up a double tap to the head when he did find the man who kidnapped his lady-friend.

This week the story picked up with the team still pursuing the kidnappers. Bringing in special help Henrietta “Hetty” Lange asked her friend A.J. Chegwidden to the office. Getting acquainted to the situation it was Chegwidden who is perfect to lend a hand. Lange was being held at gunpoint just as Chegwidden walked in and he walloped the gun-woman with an oar. Not one to avoid confrontation, it appears this character should consider sticking around NCIS as the team recovers from their nasty mole situation in the weeks ahead.

One twist, viewers didn’t see coming was Callen’s ex-girlfriend returning to the situation. Joelle Taylor wasn’t just a girl as Callen once assumed. She was an agent and her task was to keep tab on him. The relationship ended months ago. Shocked and bewildered, the viewers (and Callen) couldn’t believe their eyes when she showed up kidnapped. It was Hetty who figured out her connection to the CIA and understood why she wasn’t too upset after being kidnapped.

While the episode did wrap up most of the questions around the mole, the fans also tuned in to say goodbye. It was the last chance to see the late actor Miguel Ferrer as he played Assistant Director Owen Granger for the final time. A tribute is planned for the next show, but this week he was seen in a hospital bed as part of the story with Hetty.

Fans of “NCIS: Los Angeles” were offered up a bittersweet moment tonight on CBS. An answer on who was the mole was revealed (however one agent is still on the loose so expect more to come) and the beginning of goodbye for another character was shared. We enjoyed the fast pace of this episode and during the final scenes found ourselves weeping watching Miguel Ferrer’s last known scenes on the show. Since the Oscars are next week, we won’t have a conclusion on this story and an official goodbye to Ferrer until Sunday, March 5. Episode grade: A.

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