Chicago PD season 4, episode 16 review: Did Olinsky’s daughter Lexi die?

Did Olinsky's daughter Lexi die? -On the last episode of “Chicago PD” we saw Ruzek asking Voight for his old job back in Intelligence, but he sent Ruzek back downstairs to work the streets under Trudy. At the end of the episode, Rixton told Ruzek that he is taking an opportunity to go work in a narcotics unit, so that opens up a position on Voight’s team. With Voight trying to teach Ruzek a lesson, we don’t know that Voight will automatically give the job to Ruzek. As much as we want to see him back with the team, we actually kind of like him working the streets, because it means that we get more of Amy Morton.

For tonight, though, the show didn’t spend too much time focusing on many of the issues from the past few weeks. We moved into a different direction with this episode, and to say that it was an emotional one would be making an enormous understatement given what we saw: The death of a person important to one of our characters’ lives.

If you saw the first part (read our full review here), you knew what was coming: Olinsky’s daughter Lexi died as a result of her injuries in the fire, and that in turn put everyone at Intelligence on the brink. As a result of that, we could have seen him decide to go home and try to spend time with his family. Yet, he instead wanted to press on with the investigation, and get the answers as to who wanted to burn the place down in the first place.

At around the 40-minute mark, the work of Intelligence did lead to one arrest as they were able to isolate someone who appeared to be responsible … or was at least connected. Due his typical patterns of violence and assorted threats, he was able to get some more answers.

The intense conclusion

Despite an arrest, it was clear that the case and the journey was not entirely over as Voight was able to bring in someone else for questioning. What he wanted to know from there was simple: Why this guy supposedly lit the fire. He didn’t get everything he wanted, mostly because he was too preoccupied with training to ensure that Olinsky didn’t go in and kill the man. Probably the most painful moment of the entire episode came when Al reminded Voight of what he did to Justin’s killer.

Our overall take

One of the challenges that came with this episode is that it’s so linked to the other parts of the crossover, so much so that it was hard to tell where it began and the episode before ended. It didn’t have the effects or the action of the first part, but throw in here a wonderful performance from Elias Koteas and you easily got a part 2 to the crossover that was worthy of your time. We especially mean that when it comes to the vigil scene near the end of the episode. Grade: A-.

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