‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 15 review: Will Voight bring Ruzek back to Intelligence?

Chicago PD RuzekLast time on “Chicago PD” we finally got that Burgess/Ruzek kiss that we’ve all been waiting for! He’s returned from his undercover assignment and they were so happy to see each other that this kiss just naturally happened, and it was everything we hoped it would be. So what does this mean for them? Right now a kiss is just a kiss, but we can see how deeply they still care for each other. We are hoping that this romance is going to move forward once again and that Ruzek will stop running from Burgess since he’s done this enough. Just step up and marry the woman already!

Tonight’s episode started with Ruzek being excited to come back to work with Voight and the team up in Intelligence, but the wind in his sails were quickly deflated when Voight informed him that Rixton is staying on and that Ruzek will be going downstairs to work the streets under Trudy. Why doesn’t Voight want Ruzek back after all the great work he’s done with the team over the years? Voight is still angry that Ruzek didn’t come to him and tell him that he was going on this undercover case, but instead had to hear it from another commander. Not only that, Ruzek left Voight one man short and the whole team asking him questions that he didn’t know how to answer since he didn’t know what was going on. Ruzek apologizes and tries to tell Voight that he couldn’t handle Burgess coming up to work with him and just needed some time to clear his head – and now that he’s done that he’s ready to give the team his full attention. Unfortunately, Voight isn’t budging and is still sending him back downstairs. We were a little surprised to learn that Ruzek didn’t talk to Voight about this under cover position and just left the team like that and while we get that he needed time to clear his head, he really handled things poorly with Voight, the team and Burgess. We understand the idea of fleeing when things become overwhelming, but at least tell tell your boss.

As much as Rixton is enjoying his job up in intelligence, he is feeling a bit guilty over Ruzek not having a chance to come back up to the team, because he’s taken his spot. While Ruzek is clearing out his locker, Rixton mentions that a Sergeant he knows is putting together a narcotics team and wants him to be part of it. Are we losing Rixton? He tells Ruzek to stop clearing out his locker, because he’s going to take the position… And there goes Rixton. Ruzek tells him that he owes him nothing, but Rixton tells him that he knows how Ruzek feels after what happened with his old team.

Ever since Burgess went up to work in intelligence, we haven’t had as much of Trudy as we would like. With Ruzek being back on the streets, we are getting more Trudy time and this makes us excited since we love Amy Morton. Also, just because Rixton is leaving for this shiny new job, it doesn’t mean that Voight is automatically going to bring Ruzek back up to the cage. Voight likes to teach people a lesson and after the way Ruzek handled things, Voight may want to keep him on the streets a little longer to make sure he understands he can’t just abandon the team and then come back when he wants. The team depends on him. Personally, we would like to see Ruzek back in the cage sooner rather then later, especially now that Burgess is up there, but at the same time, it’s a cool juxtaposition to see her in the cage and him on the streets after years of watching them in the reversed positions. Episode grade: B+

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