‘Teen Wolf’ season 6B: Do you want Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, or Colton Haynes back?

Teen wolf -Earlier this month, we asked a question related to the final season of “Teen Wolf” that we deemed pretty important, given the context that there are certain people who are going to be coming back before the end of the series: Who is the most likely to make a return appearance to the show?

Now, we’re getting set to raise a similar question, but one with a slightly different slant on it: Who do you want to see on the show again? Who is the most important to the show that they need to stop by one more time? For the sake of this article, let’s look at some of the candidates and gauge them further in terms of fan reaction.

Colton Haynes – This would be the cameo that the most people would go nuts over, but at the same time it feels a little bit like the biggest longshot of the entire group when you consider for a minute how long he’s been gone, and how little talk there’s ever been about him returning ever since.

Crystal Reed – This one would be really fun, but it is complicated slightly by the fact that Allison Argent is dead. Maybe you can get her in some sort of dream sequence, or you figure out some other way to get her to play an ancestor. Beyond these two things, it’s pretty darn hard to figure out the right way in which she comes back.

Daniel Sharman – Sharman was great on the show, and to us, we’d love to see him get a little more love just because it feels in retrospect like he’s one of the most overlooked of some of the former cast members.

Jill Wagner – If you’re going to find a way to bring back Allison, could you also do Kate? There may not be the same demand, but it would certainly be a nice little Easter egg given that she is one of the show’s more prominent adversaries we’ve had a chance to see.

Tyler Hoechlin – He was on the show until reasonably recently, he was beloved by many fans, and we absolutely think he’d be happy to come back. Probably the most likely of the crew to make a return cameo, even if it is just a brief one.

Who do you want to see back? Let us know in the comments, and to get some further news and insight when it comes to “Teen Wolf,” our suggestion is fairly simple: Head over to the link here! (Photo: MTV.)

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