TV Bachelors: Will Raj find someone on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10?

Bull -Mrs. Carter: Will Raj finally land a relationship that sticks?

It’s probably not a secret to anyone that Rajesh is one of our favorite “Big Bang Theory” characters — he’s sweet, he’s caring, and while he can be a bit selfish in terms of money, we’ve seen several examples over the years of him being willing to spend that money — even more than he really had. There’s a perfect example of this that can be CLEARLY found with what happened with Katie Leclerc’s character the first time that she turned up on the show.

Ultimately, Raj is a guy who should find love — the biggest question that we face with him is who it could be with, and how it could come about.

First, let’s start with this: Should Raj’s soulmate be one of the women above? Of the group, Lucy’s was the only one that we thought truly had endgame potential — it was brought up specifically that Raj had issues about whether or not Laura Spencer’s Emily was the one (she did want to sleep with him in a cemetery), and we never really got to know Claire all that well. There are also the other love interests that we’ve seen through an episode or two — see the veterinarian or the custodian earlier this season.

Ironically, the latter is probably the right example for the sort of person Raj SHOULD be with. He’s come from a very privileged life where his family was able to provide him with almost everything. Now that he doesn’t have that luxury anymore thanks to his father cutting him off, it would be more interesting to see him in a situation where he doesn’t have so much, and he gets a chance to get used to that lifestyle for a change. A great comparison here could be the Walden / Kate arc on “Two and a Half Men” — that was one of the brighter spots over the course of the Ashton Kutcher era.

Now, let’s move forward to discussing the next all-important question: When could it actually happen? Given that the cast is now in negotiation for two more seasons and a renewal is all but assured, our feeling is that you introduce someone new in season 11, and then spend the final two years building up that relationship. You want to see the series end (if it does end in season 12, that’s not assured at the moment) thinking that Raj has everything that he wants in life. Romance isn’t necessary for happiness, but you get the sense that love is something that Raj wants in his life. Therefore, there could be something rewarding in season that happen!

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