‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 3 finale: What lies ahead for Frank?

HTGAWM -Given that the finale of “How to Get Away with Murder” is coming up in one week’s time, there are many questions that you could be asking. Yet, let’s be honest here — the majority of them are probably going to be around Frank. He’s someone who’s a known killer, and he’s done plenty of violent things that didn’t involve killing. So long as he’s on the show, he will probably have that specter around him, and that’s certainly not changing into next week’s two-hour finale.

After all, just remember the promise that he made to Annalise. The relationship that they have is so interesting, but he may see her as one of his anchors, given that he is for the most part otherwise swimming around in a rudderless sea.

Speaking on the subject of what is coming up in an interview with TVLine, Charlie Webber passed along the following message on where we could feasibly see the character go now as we move forward into the conclusion of the season:

“Frank’s storyline is surprising. We’re used to him being a certain guy in these finales, and this strays from the path a bit. But it continues the story of what he’s been doing all season, and maybe gives a little closure to the very difficult journey he’s had.”

Maybe in some sort of way you say “I want Frank to have a victory,” but then the counter to that is rather simple: What constitutes a victory for this guy? Is there a way for someone like him to actually succeed, and do we want for him to? Whatever his intentions may be or the reasons he had for getting into such a place, the reality still is the reality … and his reality is that he’s caused death and remains a significant threat in the world.

What do you think that Frank is going to do in the last episode of this season? Sound off with some of your thoughts now in the comments, and be sure to head over here if you are curious in getting a preview now for this final episode. (Photo: ABC.)

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