‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 3 finale spoilers: ‘Who killed Wes’ will be revealed!

Wes -Tonight, “How to Get Away with Murder” is going to be bringing to you an important episode in tying up some loose ends … or at least beginning that process. The reality here is that this is something that’s going to take a ton of time, or at least so much that you won’t learn the answer to this key question until you get around to the two-hour finale next week. The show’s taking “Scandal” off of the air for a little while, and there’s one simple reason for it: Putting the focus solely on giving you answers before the lengthy season 4 hiatus. (Hey, at least revel in the fact that the show is going to be coming back for more.)

Below, you can see now courtesy of ABC some of the first details regarding what is coming up.

“He Made A Terrible Mistake” – Annalise tries to ward off a surprising new angle in the D.A.’s case. Meanwhile, alliances shift amongst the Keating 4, as they discover crucial information about the circumstances surrounding Wes’s death.

“Wes” – “Annalise and the Keating 4 test the limits of how far they’ll go to save themselves while the chilling details from the night of the fire reveal who killed Wes.”

Given that this is “How to Get Away with Murder,” you do have to anticipate a huge cliffhanger that will carry over into the fourth season. This show really excels at the phenomenon in which you learn a few things, but then see some other questions raised at the same time.

Promo – This really doesn’t hold anything back — it makes it clear that the main focus of the finale is going to be figuring out who killed Wes, and we’re certainly excited to see some of that play out. At this point, we do think that almost everyone out there is a suspect in some shape or form.

What do you want to see on the season finale of “How to Get Away with Murder”? Share some of your thoughts on the subject below, and if you head over here, you can get some additional news now when it comes to the show. (Photo: ABC.)

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