‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10, episode 16 review: Sheldon and Amy’s talk about sex; Raj’s money woes

Sheldon Amy -Tonight’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory” comes from the department of “well, that makes sense” — given that Sheldon Cooper has very little to no ability when it comes to keeping secrets, of course he was going to go around, telling everyone at the university about his sex life with Amy Farrah Fowler. He only sleeps with her once a year, and now pretty much everyone knows that. He told a few people, they told a few people, and … well, now Burt knows about.

Side note: The fact that Sheldon told Kripke this is probably the real reason that the secret’s gotten out, probably because he’s the #1 guy who likes to screw with him on everything. It’s a shame we can’t see John Ross Bowie more than we do, but at the same time, “Speechless” is awesome and we’re glad to see him have a full-time role somewhere.

Amy was of course upset at Sheldon over this, but as the episode went on, it did become clear that (as usual) he wasn’t spilling the beans for the sake of being mean to her. He just doesn’t know sometimes the right things to say to the right people.

What was also interesting was that in this story, we learned that Sheldon has certain secrets that he keeps to himself — including apparently that he got his driver’s license two years ago. We’re not entirely sure that this is the sort of secret that Amy wanted to know — heck, it may just make her never want to ask him for a secret again because it meant that he’d been taking advantage of her and others for years just because he liked having a chauffer. Kudos to Sheldon for still trying to make it right in the end, though he blamed most of the other scientists for the gossip more so than his own mistake in kissing-and-telling. (Also, he outed everyone that Burt had a date who bailed on him before turning up.)

Raj’s money problems – This was, like Sheldon’s loose lips, something bound to come up at some point: Him mooching continuously on his father for extravagant things. It’s funny that his mooching always feels different than Alan Harper’s on “Two and a Half Men” — we suppose that the difference is that Raj isn’t intentionally slimy, and he does have a job. It’s just not one that pays altogether well, at least to support his lifestyle.

So what happened with Raj’s dad cut him off? Well, everything changed — there won’t be any more designer capes for baby Halley, or other fantastic gifts that he buys for his friends. It’s a shopaholic, and he’s going to need to find a way to get a little bit under control. Penny offered him the chance to stay with her and Leonard, so maybe that’s his way to get a handle on what he’s going through in terms of his money problems.

Line of the night – “I’m trying to tell you off, and you’re ruining it with your delight and your relief!” — Raj, while talking to his father.

Overall – As noted, this was an episode full of predictable storylines, but at the same time the Raj one was a necessary note to touch on. If he is ever to get a permanent love interest on this show, this is something that he needs to get under control. There were some funny moments throughout this, mostly in terms of Raj talking all about his excess belongings. Grade: B+.

When’s the show coming back? – We’ve got that news for you over at the link here. Be sure to take a look at it! (Photo: CBS.)

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