‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 17 preview: Max Weinberg and the search for Alicia

Hawaii -Friday night’s new episode of “Hawaii Five-0” coming up in a matter of just over a day, let’s get into what could make this particular episode interesting.

First things first, why not talk about celebrity cameos? We’re going to see Max Weinberg make an appearance in the hour as himself, as the legendary musician gets accosted by Danny and McGarrett while at an event. Let’s just say here that the two guys are certainly fans, and have some awkward / entertaining stories to share with him. Max plays along like a true champ, or an entertainer who has probably went through this time and time again with some of his fans. (Let’s be real — we’d probably be freaking out if we met anyone from the E Street Band.)

We know that Danny and McGarrett will get into some more serious stuff in the remainder of the episode, but we like it — if nothing else, it reminds us further of the amazing banter and fun that we had with this past episode, which was amazing even without the guys on the front lines of the case. Then again, Danny would’ve told you that finding his sunglasses last week was of the utmost importance.


Now, let’s get into what could be the meat of the story, as we’re going to see the return of Dr. Madison Gray, who turns up with Alicia’s blood literally all over her. This leads to a frantic search for Alicia, but when Steve and company find her, she’s outside doing a little bit of gardening with her headphones on, really without a single care in the entire world. What is going on here? Maybe this is another bit of evidence that Gray is playing head-games with the rest of the team.

For us, we’re most psyched to see this story given that we just had a Madison shout-out on this past episode of “MacGyver.” All of a sudden, we hope that she sticks around and is a part of that show’s plans at some point in the future, as well.

What do you want to see on Friday’s new “Five-0” episode? Share in the comments, and head over here if you’re interested in some further news on the show, including a preview for what is coming up next. (Photo: CBS.)


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