‘Suits’ season 6, episode 14 review: Mike’s ulterior motive; ‘The Donna’ cheers up Donna

Mike Ross -Last week on “Suits,” Mike Ross continued to show just how far he was willing to go in his new job at the clinic, especially when it came to taking on power-hungry conglomerates and lawyers who probably remind him of himself way more than he would ever like to admit.

However, at the same time one of the biggest questions that you always have to wonder with Mike is rather simple: Is he about to fly a little too close to the sun? Is he going to land himself in big trouble? Given that he balked on a settlement offer of $100 million, one that could easily change his clients’ lives forever, he really put himself in a sink-or-swim situation. Not only that, but he recruited Harvey’s help in order to better take the big guy on. It was great to see that gang back together … or at least these two guys.

Yet, there was a larger question here that Oliver ended up raising to him: Why is he fighting so hard with this, and with Pearson Specter Litt? Was he trying to get back to the firm? He reassured him that this was not the case, and he proceeded to tell him about his true intention regarding the Bar. It didn’t change his interest in the case or the people involved, but that little bit of dishonesty could go a long way in damaging the relationship between Mike and Oliver.

Progress report on “The Donna” – Yes, there is a part of us that feels like this entire story is rather silly. Yet, it’s also incredibly timely given all of the talk about Alexa out there, and who wouldn’t want Donna’s voice as a virtual assistant? The problem was that the IT guy Benjamin was having a significant crisis of confidence, one where he started to feel as though he wasn’t capable of getting the job done no matter how hard he tried in order to do it. Time and time again, he just kept finding himself up against roadblocks. Donna gave him a pep talk, and this put him on the right path.

Later on, Donna during a tough time discovered that The Donna was even more effective than she first thought! Who would’ve thought that we could’ve gotten such a fun, hopeful moment in a story about a machine?

Louis, Rachel, and Katrina – The great news is that she’s getting closer to having her legal dreams become a reality. Meanwhile, we saw Katrina make a big decision to cross over, and she delivered some meaningful stories about Robert Zane in the process. These two did great work on a presentation together … unfortunately, their participation in this ended up getting the firm fired, since they wanted Harvey and Louis and not two people who didn’t hold the title of Managing Partner.

Overall – Another strong episode of the show; most of the characters had big moments, and we certainly had a big cliffhanger with Harvey issuing a big threat in order to get Mike an interview at the Bar. They’re going a long way to make something happen, and as we mentioned, this could blow up in their faces … badly. Grade: B.

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