‘NCIS’ season 14, episode 15 review: Abby Scuito’s plans a terror threat, Agent Gibbs steps in to help

NCIS -Forensic Specialist Abby Scuito had fans on pins and needles on Tuesday night. Viewers of “NCIS” had a crossover event to enjoy as the evening kicked off with an interesting scenario as a homeland security think tank tried to simulate an attack at a live venue. Originally unwilling to participate, Abby was ordered to be part of the event but her plans seemed to have gotten into the wrong hands and what was a simulation turned out to be a real terror threat.

The first half of the show is near the NCIS headquarters. In the first few minutes of the show Abby is found in possession of a real bomb. There wasn’t supposed to be any harm to the event, but the actions have actually transformed into a real attack. Her NCIS team is keen on helping her out of the trouble that she is in, but the leader of the think tank group has been murdered leaving more questions than answers.

Reconnecting with the think tank team, the fingers start pointing as Abby seems to be the individual who came up with the majority of the plan. Looking to distance themselves on any of the plans, the think tank team all seems to want to leave town before the murder is solved.

What has everyone surprised is the theoretical terror playbook has been stolen. All the government agencies are looking for the plans, but it’s almost too late. Offered up to the top dollar, it appears that the book has headed down to New Orleans (which is the second part of the crossover event) to be sold.

The good versus evil dilemma in this episode has viewers sympathetic to Abby Scuito. Diehard fans know that the character is intent on helping others and doing her best. Abby has always been focused on being the good that solves crimes. Being ordered to be evil has a price and Abby struggles with the consequences of her responsibilities.

After careful investigation, Agent Gibbs’ team does determine who killed the leader of the think tank group and what he had to gain by going off script. What they didn’t get were the people responsible for turning the plans of a training exercise into a killing opportunity. Now dozens of training exercises are vulnerable as they were exposed across the country.

This is another extraordinary episode of “NCIS”. Building a story around another popular character, the fans wanted to see Abby get back safe to her lab. Of course, there is no doubt everyone agrees she needs to steer clear of think tanks and all they offer. Episode grade: A.

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