‘The Young Pope’ season 2: Premiere date speculation for Jude Law – HBO series

The Young Pope -

Tonight on HBO, you will formally see the end of “The Young Pope” season 1 on the network. Hopefully, we’ll get a good understanding as to where the story will go with some of these characters … while also getting a sense of closure at the same exact time.

The first thing that you should know over the course of this article is that “The Young Pope” will in fact be coming back on the air again. It was renewed this past fall, and there are plans for it to start filming a little bit later this year.

So why is the show getting renewed when HBO specifically seemed to be burning it off in airing two episodes a week? We think that term may be a tad misleading in this case, mostly because of the fact that the network knows that this is a property that they can get attention and ratings for anytime thanks to their streaming services. It’s not like it airs now and is done. They just have many other shows to get to this year, including “Big Little Lies,” “The Leftovers,” and “Game of Thrones” that are strictly their own originals. “The Young Pope,” meanwhile, is a little more of a co-production, so they were working on it in tandem with some other partners who air the show overseas. There’s a little less pressure on it to be an enormous hit here in America as a result of that.

As for when season 2 could air, we figure that 2018 is a good frame of reference. It’s hard to know a whole lot more beyond that in terms of specifics, mostly because much of that is going to be simply dependent on when it finishes filming and when it airs elsewhere. The only bit of solace we can offer you if you enjoy the show is to not worry — there will be more of “The Young Pope” in due time.

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