Grammys 2017: Beyonce performs surrounded by Biblical staging and more

Grammys -Beyonce almost always puts on a show, and you had to figure that she would do so once more for the Grammys this weekend — what we did not expect was for it to be in any way similar to what it was.

Basically, what we saw over the course of the routine was a powerful ensemble with Biblical implications, a beautiful aesthetic, and an entire feel that really just screamed “shut it down.” One of best performances of the night, but that’s probably something that you can say on almost any occasion when it comes to the show.

Specifically, our big takeaway from this performance is that it featured the singer doing something that very few people have done before: Rock the stage while pregnant with twins, and do so while carrying a presence that only adds to your power. This was Beyonce reminding everyone what she is one of the biggest stars of the entire planet, and that getting her to appear at your show is something that doesn’t happen on a regular basis.  We’ll probably never see another performance from her like this ever again, mostly because she’ll never be at this precise moment in history again.

Will this be a moment that people are talking about for weeks? Surely, but it’s not clear to us if this is going to be a moment that actually leads to getting some stronger ratings over the past few years. For one, we’ve seen her perform on the show many times before, even if it is one of the few awards shows in which she visits on a regular basis.

What is your take on Beyonce’s performance tonight, and do you have a particular taste on the style and the imagery that she brought to the table this time? Share some of your thoughts now in the comments, and you can head over to the link here in the event you want some more news when it comes to the show. We’ll be talking more tonight in terms of some of the vocal performances, and then also some funny moments for the host of the occasion in James Corden. (Photo: Grammys.)

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