‘The Walking Dead’ season 7B: The five characters in the most danger

Eugene -

Tomorrow night, “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC, and as we inch ever closer to the first episode back, it absolutely feels like the right time to start begging the Grim Reaper for some answers. This is a show where a ton of people tend to die, and we don’t think losing Olivia, Spencer, Glenn, and Abraham means that the writers are done offing people. We’re probably going to lose at least a few more people this season, and some of them could be major.

The focus of this article is on some of the MAJOR characters we could be saying farewell to in the episodes to come — we’re not including some of the scrubs we barely know into the mix. For the record, the people we feel the most secure about are Rick, Daryl, and Carol — Negan’s a lock to be safe, given that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already said that he is returning to the show next season.

Eugene – This one feels pretty easy to chart, given that he’s currently locked away in Negan’s clutches and if he makes one wrong move, he’s a goner. We just want Eugene to make it given that he’s the biggest everyman of the group. Sure, he’s a sleazy everyman sometimes, but he’s getting better!

Dwight – We’re considering him a major character on the basis of screen time this season. He’s the guy we can see making the biggest turnaround and betraying Negan for the sake of the group. If he does this, he gets the chance to be a hero … even if it means sacrificing himself in the process.

Tara – If she tells Rick about the people over at Oceanside, all of a sudden there’s an entire population of a town ready to kill her. She REALLY has to hope that Rick manages to make everyone start to feel a little bit safer, since otherwise there’s a massive target on her back.

Carl – The poor kid’s already lost one eye, and it’s been suggested that Negan views him as some sort of a threat due to his reckless / ruthless ways. If the show really wants to deliver a shocking death that rocks Rick to his core, getting rid of his son would be it.

Sasha – This one feels easy. Three words to remember here — “Star,” “Trek,” and “Discovery.” Maybe Sasha does live, but if she does her time on the series would have to be limited in order for her to balance both shows.

As for the other people we’re mildly worried about, we’re thinking of people like Jesus, Gregory, Michonne (hey, Rick’s love interests are always in some peril), King Ezekiel, and Morgan.

Who do you think is in the most danger this season? Share your thoughts in the attached comments! Meanwhile, take a look at this link to get some further news regarding “The Walking Dead” and the story you could be seeing coming up for the different worlds of the show. (Photo: AMC.)

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