ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 6, episode 4 preview: Cyrus fights for his ‘innocence’

Cyrus -What’s coming up on the sixth season of “Scandal“? There are many questions that we have, but the biggest one does refer back to Cyrus and his current status. He’s being accused of being an architect behind some unspeakable things, and yet, he professes that this time (hey, he’s been guilty of doing stuff plenty of other times), the people involved have got the wrong guy. Whether or not this turns out to be true remains to be seen, but we know at least that this is going to be a focal point of next week’s new episode. This is a chance for him to try and prove himself, and show that despite whatever concerns people may have, he’s not anywhere near as responsible as they may think that he is.

Here’s the biggest problem that Cyrus faces: If he is not guilty of this, then it’s looking more and more like whoever was managed to set up one of the biggest conspiracies in recent history to have him take the fall for it. There’s certainly enough evidence right now for him to be a suspect, but not so much that it feels too much like a frame job.

Synopsis – “Cyrus faces his ultimate challenge but continues to stop at nothing to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Olivia and the gladiators uncover shocking new evidence about the night Frankie was shot.”

If it turns out that Olivia finds some of the evidence that shows that Cyrus may in fact be innocent, one of the biggest questions that you then have to wonder is simply this: How will she handle that? She’s absolutely going to be in a really interesting spot, since she was one of the people most proactive in accusing him in the first place. As someone who also managed Mellie’s campaign and fought for her, she also understandable faces suggestions that she has political motivations for this move.

Preview – What we saw in the promo tonight may be the next move in Cyrus’ master plan. He’s behind bars now, but his insistence that he is innocent brings about a larger question as to what his plan TRULY is.

Do you think that Cyrus is guilty or innocent in everything that is going down? Share some of your thoughts on the subject below! Meanwhile, head over here to get some more news, including a review for Thursday’s episode coming soon. (Photo: ABC.)

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