’24: Legacy’ episode 2 review: Do we have our traitor?

24 -Through much of the premiere of “24: Legacy,” we absolutely saw a show that was both incredibly entertaining, but also incredibly silly at the same time. There are moments on every season of this show where unintentional comedy creaks in, and that happened again on Monday night. The Eric Carter story was fantastically tense, but then it was surrounded with such rampant silliness and convenience that it’s really difficult to conjure up a cohesive opinion on the entire show.

Where Rebecca stands – As you recall, last night we saw the former CTU head and John Donovan’s ex do everything that she could to help out Eric Carter after Khalid’s men came after both him and his fellow former ranger Ben. Ben wanted money in return for the information that he had in the strongbox, and this posed quite the problem for Rebecca, who didn’t really have a way to give it up. Also, she was having a hard enough time dealing with Keith, who she stunned and drug around last night before being told that he should “trust her.” If there was ever a show of trust, this wasn’t it.

John Donovan’s big issue – Nilaa Mizrani, John’s campaign manager, just so happened to have a history at a controversy Muslim school. This of course led to his opponents using this for all sorts of political ads and propaganda, which led to him being told by his own father (hey, it’s Dr. K from “This Is Us”!) to go and get her to resign. After he heard the full extent of her story, and how she wanted to be at the school to track its absurdity, he wasn’t anywhere near as interested in having said resignation happen. Hey, John Donovan sticks up for his own.

The next move for Eric Carter – It REALLY didn’t take that long at all before we started to see our leading man engage in something that is truly out-of-this-world bonkers. We’re talking about the idea to have him HOLD UP A POLICE STATION in order to get the money that he needs. He was unfortunately right that it wasn’t hard to get the cops’ attention as a black man in 2017; holding them up and strapping an explosive to one of them is a completely different story.

After Eric finally made it into the station, he and Rebecca teamed up in order to ensure that he got what he needed — for Rebecca, this needed pooling all resources, including having tech guru Andy go and serve as a distraction. He got the money that he needed, but that didn’t stop him from being in a top spot where he was running out of time to get Ben the money he needed — and he couldn’t find a way out of the station.

Back to the school – It’s time to venture back to hell, otherwise known as that one place that we really don’t want to go. Poor innocent kid in Drew who called out Amira on her terrorism! First, he just so happened to told the teacher in cahoots about the plan, and to make matters worse now, he completely fell for her tactics like nobody’s business. Poor, innocent high school kid.

Oh, and did we mention that this said kid also caught Amira and Evil Teacher Man engaging in some intercourse at the EXACT moment that it happened in the science lab? Even with this being “24,” this whole exchange is absurd. Drew is now dead because he, literally and figuratively, saw too much. Now, we gotta figure out precisely what is going to happen from here.

Here’s your twist ending – A computer in Donovan’s campaign headquarters may have been behind the names of Carter and the other Rangers getting out; specifically, Nilaa may have been the one behind the leak. Let’s hope not, since the last thing that we need is more evil Muslim characters on this show. (Luckily, this is only episode 2 — it’s much too early for this to be the twist.)

Overall – “24: Legacy” is a good show if you can look past all of the nonsense. There were times on tonight’s episode where that proved to be trouble. Grade: B-.

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