‘Suits’ season 6, episode 12 review: Did Harvey forgive his mother? Mike’s new gig

If you love “Suits” and were looking forward to a fantastic showcase for Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, you got it during Wednesday night’s “The Painting.” This one was powerful, and it forced Harvey to realize that as terrible as his mother may have been to his father, at the same time his own stubbornness was causing further problems and not allowing anyone to move forward.

At the advice of Donna, Harvey decided that he was going to head up to Boston to have dinner with her. His mother was thrilled to see him, but that excitement quickly turned to frustration when it was clear yet again just how bad Harvey can be when it comes to hearing the wrong thing. All it took was her saying that she forgave him to cause him to fly off the handle at her. He got up and walked away, and it took a series of revelations for him to realize that carrying around the pain and the heartache was too much for him to bear. It wasn’t the guy she cheated on his father with showing up at Marcus’ house; instead, it was Marcus telling his brother that when he got sick, Mom cared for him constantly and her new love did his part to help out. They were both a part of the family now, and had more than earned whatever forgiveness they needed.

There was no way for Harvey to change what happened, and he just had to move forward. In the closing minutes of the episode, that is precisely what he did in telling her that while he’ll always hate what she did, he doesn’t hate her and wants to be able to move forward.

Mike’s new job – Mike did manage to get a legal clinic gig! It turns out that the loophole for him was that he got a job as a supervisor, one that he was incredibly qualified for. The twist was that because of his record, he could be brought in for mere pennies compared to what someone else would get. Upon arriving, Mike quickly realized that nobody there wanted to hear him out, and that was because they thought he was some big-shot lawyer who was just down on his luck. He opened up to everyone, and this was ironically a situation where being in prison actually ended up working for him.

Unfortunately, what we did end up seeing was that one of Mike’s first cases with the firm fell apart to the point where he ended up cutting a check for her himself in order to cover the rent that she was late on. We know that he can’t help everyone out there with everything that they’re up against, but he almost accounted for some of his failures with her case as rookie mistakes. With his checkbook, he gave them a little bit of a “grace period” (his words), and he showed them further that he’s someone who can be counted on as a boss and a mentor.

The name of the firm – It’s staying Pearson Specter Litt. Even though Jessica isn’t there, in the closing minutes Louis and Harvey decided to keep things the same.

Overall – This was a stellar performance by Macht, and an episode that has been coming for a rather long time. This was where Harvey finally had to take a long look in the mirror, and realize that his methods of doing things are not always right. He finally resolved this part of his life, and we can only hope it brings him peace moving forward. Episode Grade: A-.

Next week – Harvey and Mike are going to be working together again! To get some more news on what’s coming up, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: USA.)

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