7 Best 2017 TV Theme Songs: ‘NCIS’, ‘Blue Bloods’ ‘Hawaii Five-0’ & more

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TV theme songs have been around since the beginning of television. In fact some viewers might wonder what came first? The TV theme song or the TV show? TV theme songs are so popular that viewers can hear only a few notes of “Friends,” “The Golden Girls” or even “The Simpsons” and know exactly what show is coming up. It’s one of those unique elements that we never forget.

Checking out the latest programming, you might find some of the best Best TV Theme Songs in 2017 are calling for your attention too. Ever find yourself rushing out of a room at the last minute only to be called back to the room by your favorite TV theme song? You’re not alone. Many viewers wait until the last minute to plop down on the couch to start watching. Trying to squeeze in one more thing before the show starts, hearing the music is the signal that the episode is about to begin.

What Makes an amazing TV theme song?

A strong TV theme song sets the tone. Typically the credits run at the same time, highlighting the cast, but the music builds up anticipation too. Looking to make the viewer excited and ready to watch the program ahead, it needs to draw attention. The most important thing about a TV theme song is the catchy component. Fans need to be singing this song long after the program is over. That’s why so many of our beloved TV theme songs from shows we saw as a kid can be word-for-word sung.

What are the 7 Best 2017 TV Theme Songs?

Instead of just sharing the best by listing out the names, see for yourself and you take a listen!


The Flash

The Walking Dead

Hawaii Five-0

The Big Bang Theory


Blue Bloods

What is your favorite TV theme song in 2017? Share in the comments below!

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