‘Shark Tank’ review: Chirps, Getaway, Vibes earplugs, and PopUp Play

Shark Tank -Tonight’s new “Shark Tank” is one with products from all across the board, whether it be food, earplugs, and a great new innovation for kids. Now that we’ve said that, the big thing to remember here is that just because you have a great idea, that doesn’t mean that you will get a deal. These products are fighting for a deal, and tonight, Chris Sacca returned to the Tank to lend his expertise.

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Chirps – Honestly, this is the sort of product that we’d probably have to be introduced to somewhere, mostly because of the fact that it’s crickets. It’s not something that you typically would be interested in buying. With that said, they’ve come up with a product that apparently is tasty, and they still have all of their equity. Everything that they brought to the table was super-impressive — they were prepared, they had all of the right information, and they even responded to Kevin O’Leary’s “you’re going to be crushed like the cockroaches that you are” comment perfectly. They don’t have guaranteed success, but they do have a deal with Mark Cuban!

Vibes – This feels like a great product with a gear purpose: Helping people have an earplug that doesn’t diminish the experience of listening to music. It just brings it down to a lower decibel in order to make it tolerable. It seems perfect for concerts or clubs, and it’s discreet enough that nobody will even know that you have it in.

The problem that the company ran into in the tank was merely one when it came to cost. It was too pricey to be an easy deal for consumers, and even with a patent pending, Kevin O’Leary didn’t find it to be proprietary beyond a pretty miserable royalty deal. No dice on this one.

PopUp Play – Everything with this business feels fun — they emphasize creativity and technology, and they do so by allowing children to effectively design their own play palaces. The pitch was fun and creative, but there were some ups and downs when it comes to negotiations. The good news is that, in the end, they’ve found the right partner in Chris Sacca. He knows innovative tech concepts, and how to expand them quickly.

Getaway – The idea on paper here is very interesting, given that the business on paper could be very successful. Tiny houses are quite the rage right now, no? There are probably city slickers out there aplenty who’d have an interest in taking off on a whim to spend a day or two relaxing right outside of the city. The issue came down to the valuation, which honestly shocked us at just how much it was given that there are only ten tiny houses on the market right now. There was some interest from both O’Leary and Sacca, but they couldn’t snag the big fish at the end of it. No deal.

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