‘Suits’ season 6 premiere: Should Mike Ross have taken Harvey’s offer?

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The “Suits” premiere aired tonight on USA, and for the most part, we found it to be fantastic, and every bit the show that we’ve come to love over the past several years. It’s almost entirely character-focused, which is why we get so much mileage out of some of the decisions that they make.

At the tail end of the episode tonight, there was one decision in particular that we saw make a tremendous impact: Mike not going back to the offices currently still called Pearson Specter Litt. Harvey made it clear to him, both as his potential boss and also a friend, that there would be a position there for him if he wanted it. However, he opted to say no in favor of trying to go on and live on his own terms, which included him finding a way to genuinely help people.

Is this all about simply that? It’s a question we wonder mostly because there are ways to help people while still working at PSL. There are some clients who come into those doors who are devastated and looking for whatever help that they can; not every person who arrives is some sort of wealthy tycoon. Being a lawyer may be cutthroat, but not all of them are terrible. Not only that, but technically Mike isn’t even a lawyer. He never was, though he was awfully good at pretending.

There may be a certain part of Mike’s decision-making that is at present guided more by psychology, and his desire to avoid a ghost from his past. If he looks at the firm now, what does he see? Does he look at it as a place that brought him so many friends and close confidantes, or where he put himself in a position where he would eventually go to prison. If he goes back there, then he’ll be forever associated still with the place that associated him in turn with being a criminal. It may have been of his own doing, but it understandable were he interested in making some sort of drastic change.

We’ve already seen that Mike being turned down elsewhere has little impact on his desire to return, so what we’re most interested in seeing now is whether or not Rachel getting a prestigious offer to stick around is going to play a role one way or another over time. Could the opportunity of working with her again eventually be too hard to pass up, or will he find a specific role at the firm that fuels his interest? We do think that this options will come up in time.

Do you think that Mike should have taken Harvey’s offer, and what do you think is next for him? Share now in the comments below!

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