‘Scorpion’ season 3, episode 14 review: Paige’s long con in ‘The Hole Truth’

Paige has already made it clear on CBS’ “Scorpion” that she has no interest ever getting involved in the con-artist business. However, if she ever did, we learned tonight that she could be pretty darn good at it.

One of the biggest highlights within the episode (entitled “the Hole Truth”) was getting an opportunity to see Paige work with Veronica in order to ensure that her mother could find a way out of her convoluted financial scheme. If you recall, there was someone hunting her down for cash — what better thing to do than fake her own death in the midst of a Team Scorpion investigation? It is a way to ensure that nobody comes looking for you anymore. This moment absolutely proved itself to be a good source of entertainment, and maybe it validated further having the Veronica character on the show. We know that so far, she’s certainly been a little bit polarizing to most people.

What we’d say about Veronica is this — if there were not so many other parents on many of these crime shows who just so happened to also be con artists, her character would feel a lot more refreshing. Lea Thompson is great, and it is good to see more of a window into where Paige comes from. It’s just we’ve seen this particular setup before. Given that Veronica did seem to depart, and a leave a significant amount of money behind in her wake, this may be the last we see of her for a while.

The case at the center of the episode – What was at the center of “The Hole Truth” was a sinkhole that was quickly on the verge of becoming violent, and one that the entire team had to pull their resources in order to resolve before it threatened the water supply. There was not too much about the case itself that managed to raise eyebrows, but at the same time, we’re not going to deny its status as consistent entertainment.

The real purpose of this particular mission, at least to us, was to further exemplify that Walter has a long way still to go in the whole social-interaction department. His relationship with Paige is extremely valuable, since without her he lacks some of the bedside manner necessary to be extremely good at her job. Basically, without her around he got punched in the face courtesy of a showdown that he had with one of the workers he was talking down to. This is after he already got a black eye for getting into a fight over frozen yogurt before the episode started.

In other news – Sylvester remembers terrible when it comes to running a smear campaign. He wants to win people over with kindness, which is a great idea that you really want to see work in theory. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it is going to work in practice, especially when his rival his using his own nerdy history against him.

Overall, “The Whole Truth” was fun, and if nothing else an interesting transition for the show given the Paige is now (possibly jokingly) looking for an offshore account for her cash and Veronica is seemingly in the wind once more.  Episode Grade: B.

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