‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ episode 10 review: The big QVC beatdown

For most of the season of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” we’ve seen competitions play out where the decision as to which team won was fairly close. However, that was not the case at all when it comes to the second part of Monday’s new episode. This was a massacre, one that was for the most part predicated on an inability to think on the fly and some poor decisions that were made from the onset.

With all of this said, we actually see things a little bit differently than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leeza Gibbons, or anyone else in the boardroom. The reason why Brooke Burke was able to overcome having a more expensive product to sell on QVC, and also one that was only available via pre-order, is because she chose a product that demonstrated well. While Carson Kressley as Project Manager for Prima picked something that he could sell at a good price point and immediately, he allowed the metrics to mean more than the visual. Given that he’s sold so many wonderful fashion products over the years, he thought that he could be the perfect ambassador for the fitness world. Not so much. Viewers didn’t respond to them, and this demonstration admittedly felt rather ridiculous. This didn’t look on paper like a workout that would really work.

Also, Lisa Leslie as the producer behind the scenes was in the position where she could’ve done something more to help in this task, and she didn’t. For much of the season, we’ve seen her play a good bit of defense to ensure that she didn’t get fired. A part of that strategy involved her throwing some other contestants under the bus. Here’s the problem when it comes to doing that — sooner or later, there’s a good chance that it’s going to be apparent you could’ve done more to right the ship. It was here, and that’s why both she and Carson are now gone.

While in many ways we’re sad to see the competition over for someone like Carson, who we thought was at one point a favorite to win this, there’s no denying that Brooke and Laila Ali played perfectly into the QVC demographic. they had relatable stories, are experts in the field, and they were adaptable during the presentation. While Matt Iseman was frustrated at times with them over not having a clear plan, he was able to work some magic in the producer booth.

What was Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about? – This may have been his most incomprehensible episode to date given how much he rambled on about fitness and flabby muscles in the boardroom. Remember that he fired Porsha Williams for talking too much, and he’s absolutely coming close to needing to fire himself. Also, Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger may need some ice for some of those sick burns thrown at him in the boardroom this time.

Episode grade: B. A very fun episode, albeit one with a predictable end. We’ve now got a final four of Boy George, Matt, Brooke, and Laila, and after struggling out of the gate, the women have coming fighting back! This should make for an exciting final few episodes.

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