‘The Bachelor’ episode 4 review: The Taylor Nolan – Corinne Olympios face-off; Raven Gates’ rise

Taylor -There are so many things about “The Bachelor” that we find rather strange. Take, for example, Corinne Olympios seemingly comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln.

We don’t care how many times someone in her family or she comes out and says that much of her story on the show is the result of “editing” or playing a character. SHE STILL SAID SOME OF WHAT SHE SAID. She still threatened to punch Taylor Nolan in the fact, and there’s a reason why most of the other women are not getting along with her. If we were her, we’d be playing up this villain card even more than she is if that’s her whole goal — but we’re not sure that it is.

That Rose Ceremony – Apparently, Christen’s purpose on the show this season was Liz telling her that (in case you didn’t know) she had sex with Nick Viall at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. The rest of the women are people we’ve forgotten about already.

Let’s spend a minute talking about the first Group Date – Nick took Danielle Lombard out in his home state of Wisconsin, and we wish we didn’t have to say much more about it. The whole “meeting the ex from Nick’s past” bit was so awkwardly staged, and the Chris Lane concert was the same exact concer that you’ve seen on several different seasons of the show as it is. There really was almost nothing that made this interesting, let alone entertaining.

Danielle’s probably great “Bachelor in Paradise” material, but we don’t see it happening here.

Corinne hates cows – She probably actually hated everything about this entire date, in between not wanting to work on the farm because of some sort of a “hand problem” to Kristina and others tearing her a new one during the party that followed. There was just no pleasing her on this date, and her past actions came back to haunt her. We’ll give her a little sympathy in that she was pretty much surrounded by all of the other women, but she put herself in that position by acting immature and being overly aggressive leading up to that point.

Also, let’s talk “privileged” — it’s not necessarily a guarantee that you’re privileged just because you have a nanny, but it’s absolutely one component in it. The way she acts constantly is the biggest one. Kristina got the Rose, but we don’t understand how we didn’t see Vanessa get it after that story she told involving her students and the book. How was that not the sweetest thing that you’ve ever heard on the show?

Raven’s one-on-one – She met Nick’s little sister Bella, they watched her soccer game, and then they all went to a roller rink before having a romantic dinner at an art museum. Who eats at an art museum? America loves Raven — she’ll probably be a Bachelorette contender if she doesn’t win this.

Things get nasty again – Well, the ladies weren’t done with Corinne, in particular Taylor. She says that she won’t let Corinne get under her skin, but she reacts to her worse than probably everyone. Then again, we think of her almost as the woman who every season tries to represent a ton of the other women who are afraid to speak up out of fear they’ll be labeled “dramatic.” Corinne doesn’t like her, and therefore, she threatened to punch her. There’s about a zero percent chance of this actually happening.

Overall – Ridiculous at times and sweet at others. If you love “The Bachelor,” this was a signature episode for it. With that said, we just can’t stand Corinne. We love a good villain, but there was something more entertaining about Olivia last season. Grade: B-.

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