Leslie Jones campaigned for ‘Timeless’ before ‘Saturday Night Live’ shout-out

SNL -One of the funnier moments of this past episode of “Saturday Night Live” was seeing Leslie Jones during “Weekend Update” openly campaign for viewers at home to watch the next new episode of “Timeless” on Monday night. Given that we love the show and want to see it survive, we appreciate the shout-out.

Also, for many of you out there who do not know, Jones showing off her support of “Timeless” is not an exaggeration in any way. She’s been talking about it for weeks as one of the shows that is a part of her regular TV rotation. Heck, this past week show co-creator Eric Kripke (see the tweet below) actually offered her a part if she was able to come to Vancouver and do an episode. We’re not sure if she has the time to make that happen given that “SNL” has been in production for some time, but she has been known to do cameos. Take a look at the one she made on “The Blacklist,” though that one was a little bit easier to do simply given that fact that it filmed in New York City as opposed to the other side of the continent. she loves cameos, and we personally love that she seems to enjoy them as much as she does.

“Timeless” is almost done with filming for the first season, and one of the reasons we’re so appreciative of her for the shout-out is simply because this is a show that needs every bit of love that it possibly can. While it may be drawing some decent DVR figures, it’s struggling in the live+same day estimates, especially when you consider that it’s had a decent lead-in for most of the season.

As Kripke himself recently said, this is a “bubble show” if there ever was one. If NBC were to renew it, they’d make many fans happy, but at the same time taking a big risk in terms of performance. If they cancel it, then all of a sudden they are enraging a high number of viewers are going to be vocal about it.

Check out the video below to see more of what Jones had to say about this show and much more. Meanwhile, head over here for our full review of last night’s “SNL” episode, and we’ll be back tomorrow to renew “Timeless” once more. (Photo: NBC.)

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