‘Celebrity Big Brother 19’ Saturday: Spencer Pratt goes off over James Cosmo


On Saturday night’s new episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” we had a chapter of the Heidi and Spencer Show, something that we really have not seen this season anywhere near as much as we thought that we would going into the show.

Specifically, what we had was Spencer Pratt going off extensively about the decision yesterday by James Cosmo, who received immunity until the finale and then forced Speidi to be nominated every week for the remainder of the season. This is the same punishment that we saw Stephen Bear with last season, so in theory, this may not be all that bad for them. After all, Bear ended up winning!

Nonetheless, we did continue to see Spencer in particular do what they could in order to stir the pot, calling out James for what they felt was the biggest betrayal known to humankind. To be fair, he does have a great point that Kim Woodburn seems like the worst person to ever live with, mostly because of the fact that she’s mean and rude to just about everyone. This is not a situation where she’s just nasty to one or two people; it’s universal! The thing that does perplex us slightly is James making this decision and then going into the Diary Room and acting like he didn’t know what he was doing. What’s wrong with saying that it was a smart, strategic choice in order to target someone who was an enormous threat to win the game? This is a show where you do have to take out threats in order to get the vote at the end. Speidi are former runners-up, and Kim is someone who will never win this show in a billion years.

Anyhow, the biggest thing that we learned from today’s show is that nobody ever really explains themselves all that well in the house, and Spencer seems to be pivoting strategically somewhat from being low-key to being bombastic and dramatic since he figures that people will vote to keep him and Heidi around for the drama. At this given point, he may not have another option.

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