‘Blue Bloods’ season 7, episode 13 review: A slice of Joe Reagan’s legacy; more Jamie – Eddie sparks

Blue Bloods season 7Tonight’s new episode of “Blue Bloods” started things off with a Joe Reagan mention, and that was certainly something that we did not see coming. Angela, who was dating him prior to his death, came back and extended an invitation to Frank and the family for her wedding. She had gotten involved with another police officer, which is something that she claimed she would never do. Yet, the heart wants what the heart wants, right? Sometimes, it just comes about in unexpected ways.

Here is where things got interesting: The idea that Angela’s invite was political in nature. As Danny pointed out during family dinner, this didn’t look last a last-second wedding. Therefore, this may just be a way to get her new husband some extra attention. Isn’t it a big deal to have the Commissioner and the family at the wedding? It may be cynical to wonder this, but at the same time, you almost have to.

Eventually, Angela turned back up to apologize over the invitation, saying that her fiance was upset at her over the invite, knowing what it would have meant. As it turns out, there was no reason to be cynical at all, at least in this case. Also, the Reagans did end up going to the wedding, which was a nice way to honor their past without fear of any implications.

Diplomatic immunity takes center stage – In one of the trickier cases that we’ve seen the Reagan family tackle, Danny learned that the son of a foreign diplomat had been abused by his father. Therefore, he wanted to arrest him — however, it just so turned out that this man had diplomatic immunity, and could not be put into cuffs. They had to find a different way to protect the young boy, and that meant putting him into foster care. However, it just so turned out that certain dignitaries were not altogether pleased with his actions.

Danny continued to try to figure out a way to get to this guy and get him arrested, and that included getting some information that his wife was also abused. He tried to go to her to get both her and her son away, but since he could not be arrested, that made matters significantly more difficult for her to want to escape. A judge ruled that the child remain in foster care, which was a victory — or was it? Moments later, the wife shot her husband on the street, and because she also had immunity, there wasn’t anything that they could do about it.

While what the man did was horrible, this was not justice. Unfortunately, this has to be considered one case without a happy ending.

Jamie and Eddie’s double-date disaster – Eddie encouraged her partner (remember, they’re trying to not get involved) to go on a double-date with her boyfriend Josh and his sister Caroline, and in true “Blue Bloods” fashion, moments later two people showed up to rob the restaurant. Jamie and Eddie came to a rescue, but there was something about the situation that caused Josh to be shaken up. Apparently, he didn’t realize just how tough it would be to date a cop, and as a result of the incident, he broke up with her.

The aftermath of this breakup is something that Eddie understandably took hard. She felt that because she was a woman, she was being treated a million times differently than she would be as a man in that situation of saving lives. She’s probably right. Jamie tried to be there for her, but it was tricky.

Overall – A really great episode of the show with a really great ending — especially if you’re a fan of Jamie and Eddie. Sure, they’re not together just yet, but consider this another step in the right direction. Also, it was nice to bring Joe’s memory back into the show, since we don’t get it very often. Grade: A-.

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