‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10, episode 13 review: Did Leonard, Penny find their spark?

Big Bang -On Thursday night’s “The Big Bang Theory” episode, there were certainly a few moments that felt almost like some sort of bizarro universe. After all, Sheldon and Amy had never been better. Sheldon decided that he was going to take more of an interest in people, and this was something that she really appreciated.

Unfortunately, things for Leonard and Penny were not anywhere close to rosy. After she had a dream where he planned out the perfect romantic evening for her, she realized that she was no longer getting the treatment that she wanted. She called him out on it, and the two had a serious of blowups that led to her deciding that she wanted to go on a spa trip with Amy.

How did Leonard react to this? – Not well. While he did love her, there was a part of him that was in denial about how much time he was putting into her. Eventually, he came to realize it, and therefore he drew the conclusion that the best thing that he could possibly do is go to see her at the spa. At first, this didn’t go any better, but a mere matter minutes later, they started to figure this out.

This is where we got to the funniest part of the whole episode — Leonard and Penny determining that the best thing to get them out of their rut could be Sheldon drawing up a relationship agreement that contained a list of rules for them to follow. He of course loved the idea, and maybe it helps the two out down the road. The big issue with this episode, at least for us, is that the pacing of it was way off. By the time we got to the agreement, there was effectively no time left — in between the “previously on,” the commercials, and the theme song, it feels almost like episodes are getting shorter and shorter, even if that is not actually the case.

Also, Sheldon’s feelings about cucumber water proved to be an unexpected joy.

Howard and Raj’s quest – This week, it was all about trying to solve a squeaky-floor issue in Halley’s room. On paper, this sounded completely worthless and a waste for the two characters’ time — but then it did produce a couple of good moments. One of our personal favorite parts of it was seeing Howard create a nighttime solution that involved lightning up the floor — something that seemed to be almost straight out of a James Bond movie.

Overall – In the end, this episode did give us an interesting concept, especially since marital problems are a part of life and something that almost everyone can relate to. Unfortunately, it just felt like there wasn’t too much meat to the conflict, and by the time we got to a funny solution, the story was over. A nice tag at the end did overall boost its rating slightly. Grade: B-.

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