‘Celebrity Big Brother 19’ Wednesday: Superheroes and more Chloe Ferry controversy


Tonight on Channel 5, “Celebrity Big Brother” gave us its latest episode, and it feels fairly safe to say that this may just be the most ridiculous one that we’ve had a chance to see over the course of the season to date.

Was it the most dramatic? Far from it, but it was one of the wackier ones thanks to a twist that caused most of the housemates to dress up as superheroes and sidekicks — well, all other than James Cosmo, who is far too good for this nonsense. (It’s good to see that he agrees with us.) In refusing to wear the costume, the house was punished with no water for a short period of time. To be fair, you gotta be a team player on this show, and this is some of what comes with being a part of this experience. We love James, but still.

A Jamie and Bianca romance? – Well, they seem to be at the very least enjoying one another’s company! When it comes to romance, they may be a little more stable at the very least than whatever is going on with Calum Best, Jessica Cunningham, and Chloe Ferry. There was tons of drama around this from start to finish on the show, and it ended of course with unresolved issues there. The sad thing is that Chloe is probably going to be hurt at the end of all this.

You knew this was coming with the “sexual antics” warning – One day after Chloe was reprimanded by Big Brother for showing off her bear bum and rubbing it on one half of Jedward, tonight she did something similar courtesy of a lap-dance. This was raunchy, and it’s probably going to lead to some complaints. Yet, there was no reprimand that we saw on the show.

Hey, this is what the producers cast her for: Insanity. They knew that she would be bringing drama and controversy to the series, and so far, she is delivering on that in spades.

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