‘Blindspot’ season 2, episode 12 reaction: Nas, Weller’s revelation; Roman goes undercover

Roman -If you’re looking for backstory when you watch new episodes of “Blindspot,” we have a feeling that you probably enjoyed what the NBC brought you tonight with the introduction of Kat (guest star Amber Skye Noyes), a biker-bar owner who just so happened to have a critical history with Roman. As a matter of fact, she was at one point seemingly someone he was madly in love with.

During this installment we saw Roman went out into the field in hopes of using him in order to finally capture Sandstorm once and for all, but it was a big risk. It’s too bad that this particular risk didn’t pay off for them, and the team realized that not only was Roman not ready to be out there, but that somehow, Shepherd and company remain a step ahead of the team.

It wasn’t until later that Roman proved that he was actually a good actor when it came to one part of the mission — he lied to Kat about loving her. He also had a brief memory as to why he didn’t want to run off with her in the first place. This offered up a chance for Jane to bond with Roman more, talking about her own flaws and how she is still trying to make herself better.

The end of Weller and Nas – Well, this was over almost as quickly as it began, right? While there are still feelings there, Nas ultimately brought up the idea of how detrimental their relationship could be and that was that. Now, everyone’s in a position where they have to try to move on. Jane did show up later to make Weller feel a little bit better, and this included going out and buying his favorite beer. If you ‘ship the two of them, this moment is for you! Granted, there are still a million problems out there that the two have to face.

Here’s your cliffhanger: Shepherd was very much aware of Weller MANY years ago, and it dates back to military academy.

Final note: What was with Reade’s random hookup, and how did he feel better almost all of a sudden?

Next time on “Blindspot” – You’re going to have a chance to see some incredibly valuable stuff handed down. Not only are you going to have a chance to get a little bit more insight when it comes to Shepherd, but you may finally understand what her connection is to Weller. Head over here to get some more news on that. (Photo: NBC.)

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