‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs horrible argument with Kim Woodburn, Jamie O’Hara


Do we now have a contender for one of the worst arguments in the history of “Celebrity Big Brother“? At the moment, it’s certainly looking that way given that what we saw on tonight’s episode was UGLY — it probably wasn’t the worst, but it’s the first time this season that security’s needed to be called in to resolve a situation that got heated enough that there was about to be a fight.

Specifically, the fight was between Kim Woodburn and former footballer Jamie O’Hara, and shockingly she was the one who was the aggressor of the two. For a woman in her seventies, we’re not sure we’ve ever seen someone so willing to pick a fight. We’ve wondered all along if she is completely unhinged or deliberately acting as mean and nasty as she is for the sake of being entertaining, and we still wonder that. We also wonder whether or not she is right for the show. She’s incredibly mean to some of the other people, and then they are in turn mean back. It’s not one of those situations where these are people just fighting in the moment; it just feels as though she is consistently terrible and nobody wants to be around her. If the house had the opportunity to evict her, they would.

Kim was carted away by house security to a separate place for the time being, and some of the other players may actually need to rely on production to get her out if they actually want to get her out anytime soon. While we’re not sure that there are too many fans specifically of hers out there, at the same time we imagine there are people who are enjoying the drama that she is bringing to the show and therefore would be more than fine to see more of her if the situation called for it. Let’s face it — do you really think that Bianca or Stacy would get more votes to stay over people voting for Kim ironically? It’s hard to see that happening.

We’ll have a chance to see more of this insanity, but for now be sure to share in the comments what you think about the nastiness that we saw on tonight’s show.

Meanwhile, head over to the link here to get some further information right now when it comes to “Celebrity Big Brother.” (Photo: Channel 5.)

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