‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ episode 7 review: Was Chael Sonnen, Vince Neil, or Lisa Leslie terminated?

Chael SonnenOn the last episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” we lost one of our favorite contestants in Jon Lovitz, but this was an episode where we started to see who might end up in the winner’s circle this season. Boy George really impressed us with the amount of cash he raised in the See’s Candies challenge, and we saw just how smart Chael Sonnen is when he snagged the extra $25k Warren Buffet had on the table by figuring out what candy flavors he loves, and making that. The preview for this week’s episode has been trying to paint Chael with a villain’s brush, and now it’s time to see how much of that is a reality.

Lorrisa’s Kitchen is the product this week and it’s a healthy protein snack (not really that exciting of a product for us). The teams will be given a shipping container to create a publicity stunt down at the beach to bring attention to these snacks.

Team Arete: The project manager is Brooke and the theme is about making healthy choices. With Boy George’s weight loss of over 70 pounds, he’s someone that’s going to talk about how he made healthy eating choices to get the weight off and it’s a brilliant idea since people love to hear the “after weight loss” stories. Brooke is also thinking that because she does a booty burn work out that she will lead a short beach version of it to get people active (and hungry!). As a project manager, she really had a hard time conceptualizing the idea to the group, and was mostly hoping that it would magically come together. More then that, Brooke has said that she wants to play it safe, so is she really going to be able to pull out a crowd with that? On the day of the publicity stunt Brooke got very lucky with her group and things did come together for them. We think having Laila being very knowledgeable on healthy lifestyles and Boy George’s weight loss story things were able to get people listening.

Team Prima: The project manager is Lisa and once she sees that the other team is within shouting distance, she wants their display to be very loud so they can lure people away from the other team. Because Lisa knows that Brooke is probably going to do fitness, Lisa also wants to do fitness – which was a bit of a weird strategy. So how was Lisa as a project manager? The team found Lisa’s ideas to not be that inspired and that she wasn’t really that open to anyone else on the team which is rubbing everyone the wrong way – especially Chael and Vince. Lisa on the other side of things feels that Chael and Vince aren’t giving their all to help her leaving this team feeling quite disorganized. When it came to their publicity stunt, it was a total mess. They were trying to grab people from the other team, Vince and some half naked girls were dancing on top of the shipping container, and there were a lot of bizarre workouts happening. It was basically an adult circus with a healthy snack.

So which team won? Arete won! Playing it safe worked out for Brooke, but her whole philosophy of hoping it all comes together on the day was a little too messy for us. Team Prima was on the chopping block and it was no surprise that Lisa brought back Chael and Vince. The dancing girls on top of the trailer were really off brand since Lorissa’s Kitchen wanted to bring in mothers as their customers. More then that Arnold was thinking that Vince was still riding his high from his massive win last week and wasn’t putting as much in this week. The real fight was between Lisa and Chael and they had a lot to say about each other, but Vince fell on his own sword saying that he was the weakest, so Arnold terminated him. Basically it felt like he got his cash and tapped out.

The biggest issue we had with tonight’s episode was the lack of enthusiasm we had about the product and really that’s been kind of the issue with the season as a whole. While there’s been some creative ideas to try to make some of these products a little more interesting, over all they’ve not been that exciting and the projects put together haven’t really wowed us. watching teams in a shipping container doing work out shows on the beach was a dud. Episode grade: C+

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